Front Sight Mail Bag: Front Sight was the Best Vacation in Years

October 10th, 2010  

Dr. Piazza,

All of our instructors worked VERY well together.  Their camaraderie was unusually strong and created a very fluid delivery of service to the class.

We had a number of students with little or no experience and some that were totally unconscious of their unsafe habits.

These instructors did a remarkable job of isolating those students and assisting them, while keeping the others on track and moving forward in our instruction.

The WIDE disparity of experience could have created problems, however, these instructors determined levels of competence early on and created an atmosphere of growth for EVERY student in the class.

While always important to correct, these instructors did so in a most encouraging manner, keeping spirits high and forward looking.  Returning students were acknowledged and recognized.  Returning students were encouraged to correct any bad habits, create better new habits and to reach for the next level of competence.

When we first visited Front Sight, I was extremely reluctant and honestly afraid of handguns (despite owning them for years).  Your training has actually excited me to competence and enjoyment.  This is by far the best way I have spent my vacations in MANY years.

The skills we are learning are not just about handguns.  So much of this has to do with awareness and basic daily discipline. We live in an area still considered the “Wild West”.  Your training has helped us feel more secure in our OWN abilities to remain alert, respond in a safe and reasonable manner, and just generally feel more competent in our daily routines in public.

One last comment…..we had a good time on our first visit, enough so that we bought our First Family membership.  On this, our second visit, we experienced greater competence, but more importantly, we experienced a “team” of instructors that truly assisted us to greater competence. The “team” worked well together, grew together in their own delivery of instruction.  This was refreshing.

Nancy L.

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Ignatius Piazza
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