Front Sight Mail Bag: Response to Gun Training Report #7

November 21st, 2010  

Dr. Piazza,

When I signed up on line to receive your newsletters, my thought process was “Well, if I don’t like what I’m getting after the first couple e-mails, I can just un-subscribe.”  I have to tell you, especially after reading #7,  Seven Common Misconceptions That Can Get You Killed, I have no intention of “un-subscribing”.  I’ve forwarded your reports on to friends that I feel would benefit from the information contained and I’m sure they will.

One thing that has always stuck in the back of my mind, even before learning about Front Sight, is that my experience for six years in the Navy did almost nothing to prepare me for handling firearms in defensive situations.  I remember well the day we went to the range to receive our “qualifications” in .45 and shotgun.  Sure we all received familiarization training, but the live fire would have been comical, if I hadn’t already known how to handle a shotgun from years of hunting.  Giving a kid three rounds of double 0 buck and asking them to hit a silhouette at 10 yards taught pretty much nothing, but gave most of the kids a sore shoulder to remind them of their “experience”.  It was amazing to watch as the young man next to me succeeded in jamming a round into his pump shotgun backwards!  The weapon had to be removed from the range to be disassembled to get the round out. I did get the opportunity on my ship to fire some pretty amazing weapons.  A full auto M-14, M-60, and an M-79 grenade launcher.  The experience wasn’t necessarily “wasted” on me, but all it was was an “experience”.   And that was over 20 years ago…

At any rate, thanks again for the e-mails.  I look forward to receiving more and plan to attend a course at a future time once I’ve saved up the money.

John G.

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Ignatius Piazza
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