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December 20th, 2010  

The news media always seems to miss the big picture.

They focus on all the minutia of an intriguing story and completely overlook the basic, most elementary, and revealing aspect of the story.

I hope I am not the only person in America who found this week’s video absolutely disgusting.

Why did I find this week’s video so disgusting?

Watch it and then see my comments…

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So what absolutely disgusted me about this video?

In a “Shall Issue” Concealed Weapon Permit State like Florida, where responsible, law abiding citizens have the right to carry a concealed weapon, NOBODY else in that room had a gun! WHY? Is it because there are gun control laws on the books in Florida that prevent Concealed Weapon Permit Holders (including the Board Members) from carrying a permitted gun into the school board meeting? If so, such laws that leave a grown man pleading for his life and a half dozen able bodied men cowering under their desks absolutely disgusts me!

Seeing a man spray paint the wall with a cryptic symbol associated with violence, and then pull a gun on innocent people SHOULD HAVE resulted in one or more Concealed Weapon Permit Holders in that room IMMEDIATELY presenting their weapons to END the confrontation. The fact that several minutes transpired, giving the man every opportunity to carry out his planned assassination with NO lethal resistance absolutely disgusts me!

Having to rely on a well-intentioned security guard to run back to his car to retrieve his ballistic vest and ammo, giving the assassin ample time to carry out his violent plot disgusts me!

What the media should be talking about is WHY would ANY state prevent the carry of concealed firearms in school board meetings by responsible citizens who have passed an FBI criminal background check and have taken proper training?

What the media should be discussing is that this incident once again PROVES that criminals intent on committing mayhem DO NOT follow gun control laws and such laws only shift the balance of power to the criminal by creating disarmed victims.

What the media should be talking about is how much faster and cleaner the situation would have ended if the brave woman, who tried to disarm the gunman, simply had a PISTOL in her purse and used it with the same courage she displayed in going up against an armed assassin with nothing but a purse!

What the media should be talking about is how every responsible citizen in America has the right to be armed.

What the media should be discussing is that when responsible, trained citizens carry a concealed weapon with them during their daily activities, SOCIETY IS SAFER.

Am I the only person in America who understands this? NO. Front Sight has over 350,000 subscribers and ANY ONE of Front Sight’s students would have ended that situation about 1.5 seconds after the assassin demonstrated he possessed the ability, (gun in hand) had the opportunity, (he was within distance to use the gun) and showed intent (pointed the gun at intended victims) to seriously injure or kill.

Oh yes, there is one other thing the news media should be discussing, but completely MISSED in all their coverage…

The news media should be talking about this video demonstrating how easy it is to MISS YOUR TARGET when you don’t see your sights and yank the trigger!

You can be sure that when the news media can’t see the big picture regarding the fallacy of gun control, they certainly can’t see their sights either!

I guess that’s why I write these blogs, to help the blind see… Pass this blog around the Internet because the news media isn’t going spread my message, but over 350,000 of you, my subscribers can…

I post a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

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