Front Sight Mail Bag: From a Lifetime Legacy Member

January 21st, 2011  

Dear Dr. Piazza,

My name is Brian and I have been a Lifetime Legacy member since 2007. I have attended several 4-day handgun courses at Front Sight and am planning to attend another this coming April 2011, during my birthday week.

When I was a child, I was living in rural Connecticut and was raised in a family that had several guns. My father Ned taught me respect for the power of firearms and safe gun handling since the day I picked up my 1st Daisy BB-gun. He taught me to shoot trap on a weekly basis and took me to “Turkey shoots” at the local Elk’s Club, as well as taking Hunter Safety courses (even though he and I never really had an interest in actually hunting). He took me to those courses to learn gun handling, gun safety and to be aware of my surroundings when I was in the woods on my Grandfathers land (He was also a gun owner, of course). The state run Hunter Safety Course was really all that was available to us at the time. But my father felt that ANY training was good training, and he was right… at the time and place that we were in then.

I moved to San Diego, California in 1990, and as you can imagine my guns literally went under my bed and were only brought out for there bi-yearly cleaning for the better part of 15 years. Not much of a gun culture in San Diego as you can imagine. But I always had a great attachment to that portion of my life shooting trap every weekend with my father. They are some of my best childhood memories by far! So even though I wasn’t shooting as much as I would have liked, I held on to my shotguns, they were part of my heritage that would, at a minimum, be passed on to my future children, like my father had done for me.

I moved from California in 2006 to live in the Las Vegas area for 4 years, and worked in the security industry where I carried a gun for a living. I got my concealed weapons permit on my own in 2007 because of the rampant crime in Las Vegas. I carried my side arm where ever I went from that day on. I started watching You Tube videos on how to handle a handgun properly, as my experience with them had just been limited to shooting at the range with my friends. I was thirsting for knowledge and didn’t even really realize it. I was trying to find a way to learn more about handguns so that I felt confident in my skill since I was now carrying a gun everyday. I wanted to be confident that I could handle any situation that was presented to me if “push came to shove”. And that is when I ran into one of your videos.

I watched video, after video, after video… and then started to research shooting schools in general on the Internet… and all roads kept coming back to Frontsight, again and again.

There are shooting schools all over the U.S. I had come to find out through my research. So I started asking around.

My friends in the military (S.E.A.L.S. and Marines) and law enforcement (Las Vegas Metro) kept telling me the same thing that I had subconsciously already figured out for myself, that Front Sight has world-class training and it is in my back yard.

So I went and toured your facility with my father Ned and we were both very impressed by the facility, courses available, and the HIGH caliber of the instructional staff that we witnessed. I became a Legacy member shortly there after by my generous father (Christmas gift) that wanted his son to (once again) be safe and skilled with the firearm that he was now carrying on a daily basis.

As I said earlier, I took several 4-day courses. I learned so much that I feel the need to keep returning again and again to Front Sight, to keep “sharpening my skill set”, even though I no longer live in Las Vegas, and no longer carry a gun for a living.

So I now live back in San Diego and obviously am no longer allowed by the state to carry a concealed weapon, even though I had a permit in another state(s) (and a background check stating that I was a law abiding citizen and could carry a handgun legally). I will admit that I certainly do miss the feeling of confidence that you guys had instilled in me, to be able to handle whatever EXTREME situation comes my way. But that doesn’t mean that I will let my skill set slip away. I will continue to train, practice, shoot regularly, and tell everyone that asks me where I got my training and “skill at arms”… FRONT SIGHT!

Front Sight has shown me (personally) the way to be self-reliant and confident with my skill at arms… exactly what my father had been trying to find for me my entire shooting life. And now it is his turn, hopefully he will be able to join me this April, as I have invited him and his close friend Billy to join me out at Front Sight for my birthday week, and down the road my future wife, both of my future brothers-in-law, and when she is of age, my daughter as well.

Looking forward to my April return to Front Sight.

Brian M.

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Ignatius Piazza
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