Front Sight Mail Bag: Can an Amputee Improve Skill With a Handgun?

March 19th, 2011  

Dr. Piazza,

My wife Allison and I attended your 4 day hand gun training class in February. The class was excellent.

First I would like to inform you that my wife had not liked anything about handguns but felt that we needed to do something to improve our self defense capabilities. This was a brand new experience for her. To put another hitch in the works I am an amputee of the right leg at the hip and use forearm crutches to get around, I have tried not to let it affect the things I do. We were not sure if it was a good idea for me to be in the class but decided to move forward and see what happens.

Well, we got to the facility early on the 28th and checked in. We both shoot Glocks, and went to the class room for the training. First off, we noticed that the information was excellent and staff seemed well trained, very pleasant to deal with, and willing to help.  Let me say that we both felt that the instructors are the best we have ever worked with in any type of class we have attended.

First off my wife had some issues with loading and cocking her Glock 19, and one of the instructors took her aside and taught her all she needed to know.

Then it was my turn. They instructed me in one-handed loading and cocking. As the class went on I was able to adapt with the help of several instructors, and felt very comfortable with the weapon. Things got even better from there.

Allison became an excellent shot and I became much better.

When we first got our guns we shot about 100 rounds before the class and had a hard time hitting the target. After the 4 day class we had improved to a level I did not think we could attain. During the first round of the shoot off, we both won our first bouts! We are now very confident with the head and body shots at all the distances at the range.

Well to sum things up, I never felt I would be able to complete the class and hoped that the course would make my wife feel better about owning a hand gun and the safety issues with it. At the end of the class, we both feel very comfortable with the guns and feel we now know how and when to use them.

We are so pleased with the information we have learned that we have purchased memberships and are planning to attend at least one more time this year and bring family.

I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent training that exceeded our expectations by a mile. Your staff was a real pleasure to work with and helped so much.

I think the real challenge here was with myself. With my limitation, I was shooting one-handed and supporting myself with one crutch. The staff helped me to learn how to safely handle and use the firearm.

Again, thank you for everything! We will be back at the facility in the future. I think that this course is a “must” for anyone with limitations because you are not looked at like you have a limitation, just someone that shoots differently.

Thank you and your staff again,
Don and Allison S.

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Ignatius Piazza
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