Front Sight Mail Bag: Blown Away by Gun Training

May 21st, 2011  

Dr. Piazza,

Myself and 5 other friends attended a 4 Day Defensive Handgun course at Front Sight back in October of 2009. We each came away from the training completely blown away. Our immediate plan was to attend Front Sight once again as soon as possible and practical. Well, the best of intentions turned into almost 18 months before we could once again attend. This time three of us asked our wives if they would be interested in attending a 2 Day Defensive Handgun course. We thought the 2 Day course would be a perfect way to introduce our wives to the Front Sight way. They each agreed although with some apprehension and we made plans to attend in March of this year.

We attended the 2 Day Defensive Handgun course which began on Friday, March 25th. We made sure to get a good night’s rest on the 24th and showed up at Front Sight all ready and set to have a great time. We knew our wives were a little nervous but we knew they were more than capable of handling the course. The lectures to start off the day were a refresher for the guys and an eye opener for the wives.

We were to take our training on Range 13. Our Range Master was Terry Wong. His style of teaching was perfect for our group. Our wives quickly became acclimated to the range and the training techniques. They began to catch on to the drills and shooting and before you knew it they were hooked. As we sat listening to the instruction on the range we soaked up everything our instructors said. Perhaps the greatest testament to this was when we had the opportunity to go into one of the Live Fire Tactical Simulator houses on Saturday the 26th. My wife performed flawlessly and after the session her instructor told her he could tell she took the situations presented in the simulator personally and congratulated her on a job well done.

We all knew the training would be over too soon and as we received our certificates and had a group picture taken with our instructors our minds were wondering when we would be able to return. On our 3 ½ hour drive back home to southern California, we couldn’t stop talking about every aspect of our Front Sight experience. Our wives were experiencing the same Front Sight high we had experienced 18 months prior. We too were on the same high and it was made even better by what our wives had experienced.

I had purchased two of the Liberty Tree memberships a recently and now am so thankful I did. I had asked my wife if she thought it was a good idea to do so before we attended Front Sight and she told me if I thought it would be a good idea, to go ahead and purchase them. Now that we’ve attended together, I can’t imagine us not becoming a regular fixture at Front Sight. One day we may upgrade our memberships, but for now this is a great place for us to begin as a family. We are already making plans to attend in the next couple of months with our friends.

Yesterday morning after attending our church service, I was describing our experiences in front of a group of friends when one of them said, “Are you getting paid to say all of this?” I just told him I couldn’t help but tell how great the experience was. I found out his father-in-law had given him a certificate to attend a 4 Day Defensive Handgun course and he couldn’t wait to attend. Last night we had the opportunity to tell our son and his wife about our Front Sight experience. My wife couldn’t have done a better job of selling Front Sight than if she had been paid to do so. I had purchased several of the 2 Day Course certificates last year and now my son and his wife may attend with us when we go back. He is an educator and our daughter-in-law is an RN. We know they’ll love the Front Sight experience.

Please accept my thanks for everything Front Sight is. It’s a place where great training occurs and great bonds are strengthened. We look forward to seeing our children and grandchildren attend Front Sight one day. I know it will happen.

P.S. Perhaps the greatest testament to the training at Front Sight was when my wife and I were in bed Saturday night. As I was about to doze off, my wife asked me, “Now, what are the steps to clear a Type 3 Malfunction?”

We’re a Front Sight family.


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Ignatius Piazza
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