Front Sight Mail Bag: Rated Gun Training a Ten in All Fields

July 29th, 2011  

Dear Dr. Piazza,

I attended my second class at your facility south of Pahrump, Nevada on 2 & 3 May 2011. It was the 2 day Tactical Shotgun Course. My wife and I had also attended the 2 day Defensive Handgun Course on 25 & 26 January 2011. In short, I and my wife rate all questionnaire fields as 10. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a marvelous creation and serves a great need in the public firearms community. I have had good training from Boy Scouts and from CCW classes, but your 2 day classes really opened up a world of confidence I did not realize existed. It was amazing to find out how much we did not know about firearms. Although my wife and I have always been very respectful and very safe with handling firearms, we realized quickly how much there is to learn with respect to the efficient, effective and competent use of a firearm for the purpose of defending our lives or those around us. Your instructors made clear that time and ammunition are always in short supply when engaged in a defensive firefight. Efficient use in a timely manner is critical, especially in the event of a malfunction that must be cleared immediately. I never learned that in any CCW class! The skills we came home with are priceless. Condition Yellow is now the rule.

We are grateful for the First Family Member who offered the certificates at a very reasonable price. A number of fellow co-workers have taken advantage of the offer and will be attending classes soon. As much as we would like to become First Family Members ourselves, our present circumstances preclude that option. If things change in the future, we will reconsider the option. In the meantime, I have strongly recommended fellow shooters and even those who are now considering the purchase of a firearm to seek out your website. Thank you immensely for bringing your vision to reality. Your staff members clearly share your vision and passion for a safe, confident and educated firearm community.


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Ignatius Piazza
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