Front Sight Mail Bag: Testament to Front Sight’s Teaching Method

Dear Dr. Piazza, Here’s a testament to your system of teaching. Due to the attentiveness and hard work of my 18 year old son (who’s had limited hand gun shooting experience but no formal training) coupled with the ability of your staff, and the practicality of skills being taught, he was shooting better than me […]

March 28th, 2012 Permalink

Front Sight Mail Bag: Inexperienced Shooters Need Not Worry at Front Sight

Dr. Piazza, Feel free to share this: Personal defense is a daunting subject many people choose to avoid. Even inexperienced shooters need not worry at Front Sight. Your motivated instructors are extremely patient and helpful in getting you well on your way to feeling comfortable in handling and operating a firearm. Familiarity breeds comfort, when […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Loyal Supporters

Note on the bottom of a course response: Dr. Piazza, I must add…It is not what we would say, it is what we have said!! I have already sold my Brother-In-Law. My wife attended this course as well, we have left Front Sight with a safer and better appreciation of gun safety….Well done!! We are […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Thanks For Converting My Wife…

Dr. Piazza, I convinced my wife to attend the 2 day handgun. My boys and I have taken multiple courses. We are all diamond members. My wife said she was scared to shoot a gun. After the first day on range 8 last weekend, participating in all the dry practice, attending the lectures, I asked […]

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Front Sight’s Monday Blog: This is the Dog I Want…

If you are going to have a dog, this is the one you want…. If you don’t have a dog like this, then become a Patriot Group subscriber before the free shotguns are taken.

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Get up to Speed with Defensive Gun Handling

Dr. Piazza, I have started talking to my friends about Front Sight since getting back, telling them how great it was and how I came up to speed so quickly on my defensive gun handling. I believe I will convince some to join. Friday morning I had never shot a pistol, and by Monday afternoon […]

March 17th, 2012 Permalink

Front Sight Mail Bag: No Matter How Frustrated You Get, These Instructors are Never Negative

Dr. Piazza, I am hearing impaired. This was my second time at Front Sight. I am now a member. I was worried I wouldn’t get the same instructor as I did last time. As usual the instructors were very helpful to me and knew that I read lips. One instructor spent a lot of time […]

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Front Sight’s Monday Blog: Millionaire Patriot Giving Away Shotguns…

I’m at it again… This time I’m giving away shotguns. Become a Front Sight Patriot and secure your shotgun!

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Family Members Competency and Confidence with Guns Improves

Dr. Piazza, I’m a National Guard maintenance warrant officer with over 25 years of military training; I’ve been on a plethora of United States Army ranges, along with German Army, and Australian Army ranges and none were as professionally ran nor as effective at ensuring a competency at arms as Front Sight’s. We trained as […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Quality Thorough Firearms Training

Dr. Piazza, I spent 31 1/2 years as a line officer in the US Army, including Airborne and Ranger training plus a Special Forces tour. No training I ever had approached the Front Sight’s Defensive Pistol course in quality and thoroughness except Special Forces Advanced Demolition training and mountaineering training in Ranger School. Louis B.

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