Front Sight Mail Bag: Proper Handling of Firearms

Dr. Piazza, My experience at Front Sight far exceeded my expectations. I learned more in my course about the proper handling of firearms than I have to date in my prior experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed the structure of the courses and look forward to attending my second course in the next 4 months or so. […]

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Front Sight’s Monday Blog: Memorial Day Thank You

Most of you do not know that a decorated WWII Marine who saw action on the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima provided the single greatest influence in shaping my interest in firearms. It can be said with total certainty that had he not made the effort to introduce me to the importance of […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Changing the Way I Shoot a Handgun

Dr. Piazza, I’ve been shooting for over 40 years, done military service in the Canadian Army and shoot on a weekly basis. The four days I spent on the course exceeded all my expectations, and quite frankly, has changed the way I shoot a handgun. Russel W.

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Excellent Gun Training Curriculum

Dr. Piazza, Front Sight’s four day defensive handgun course is absolutely superior instruction on an excellent curriculum. The quality and depth of instructors is unsurpassed. The extremely effective teaching techniques, backed by a highly efficient organization on first-rate facilities will teach you how to safely handle your weapon and hit if you are attacked. Mike […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Novice Gun Owner Responds

Dr. Piazza, I attended the course as a novice gun owner with little skill, and even less confidence in my ability to handle a handgun. By day four I felt that I had acquired a remarkable level of skill and confidence, as well as a new appreciation for our right of gun ownership in the […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: This Course Will Change Your Life

Dr. Piazza, To those I care about and love I would say that “this course will change your life. It will give you the confidence, skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective protector of your loved ones.” Stephen R.

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Front Sight’s Monday Blog: May I Borrow a Dollar?

“May I borrow a dollar?” “Hey, man, do you know what time it is?” “Do you know where the post office is?”   These are all questions that are used by thugs to distract you so they can get close enough to attack you by surprise.    If you ever have a stranger approach you […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Well-written Gun Training Reports

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Thank you so much for the free reports. I am receiving them and I find them to be extremely well written and informative. Some day I hope I will be able to attend a firearm trainning course or two at Front Sight. Again thank you, Robert K.

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Using Firearms in Any Situation

Dr. Piazza, This was a world class experience! It helps you think through the use of firearms in many situations. They run a very professional and safe range. The way they teach new skills allows you to build on skills just learned and it ingrains it into your memory. I feel the time spent at […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Would Take Course Again

Dr. Piazza, Feedback? I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this class, but I absolutely loved it! I would recommend it to others and would take it again! Wendi L.

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