Silver Tongued Obama a Devil in Disguise

January 16th, 2013  

After watching Obama address the nation on gun control, I have to congratulate his speech writers for a masterful job. That speech, delivered by Obama as he read directly from his teleprompters, may have been the best written speech I have ever heard to lull free Americans into giving up their weapons and thus surrender their collective power to the Federal Government.

A semi-automatic rifle with high capacity magazine is the ultimate balance of power we must always maintain as an individual right of every law abiding, responsible citizen. If we give up our rifles, we give up our ability to keep the government in line.

Of course the problem with Obama’s speech is that NOTHING he said will decrease violent crime or stop psych drugged lunatics from continuing to commit mass murders. It all sounded warm and fuzzy, but the devil is in the details of his “Executive Orders” and when fully revealed, I’m sure they will demonstrate that this administration is just using the mass murders that have occurred in the “Gun Free Zones” they created as another way to trick Americans into giving up more of their liberty.

Obama’s speech was nothing but feel good rhetoric that will not reduce crime, it will increase crime.

The historical statistics of gun control prove that when you disarm the law abiding you shift the balance of power into the hands of the criminals and the government.

Read this Wall Street Journal article from an educated, experienced, Washington DC prosecutor who experienced firsthand the effects of a full gun ban in Washington DC and what happened when the gun ban was finally lifted.

Gun Control

Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Bloomberg and all the other gun grabbers know what happened in Washington DC as well, yet they still cling to the fallacies of gun control because their real agenda is to disarm the Red State Americans, who they fear.

Why do they fear us and what do they have in mind for us that causes them to disregard all the facts, all the statistics and world history in favor of gun control…

Gun Control

What must she have done to warrant experiencing the historically proven, natural progression of GUN CONTROL?

Did she practice a religion that no longer had the Government’s favor?

Did she speak out against the Government?

Did she not pay her taxes?

Did she have too many children?

Did she get caught with an assault rifle?

Whatever she did, she is one of over 170 million people who have been exterminated by their governments, AFTER the governments enacted strict gun control to disarm their populations.

Can’t happen here? WHY NOT?

I’ll bet she didn’t think it could happen to her, in her country, in her lifetime either.

The POWER we give away to the Government TODAY, by allowing them to take away our rights and ability to defend ourselves against enemies foreign and domestic, WILL BE USED ON US TOMORROW. It is not a question of IF, but rather a question of WHEN.

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely!


Watch the documentary Innocents Betrayed, I co-produced with Aaron Zelman of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. I co-produced Innocents Betrayed because it dramatically and irrefutably documents the direct connections between government gun control schemes and the subsequent genocides that have taken the lives of over 170 million people!

You can now see Innocents Betrayed here:

This is a must-see DVD because it contains documented, proven facts of history that even the most ardent gun control fanatic cannot deny.

Watch Innocents Betrayed today and share this blog post to everyone you know.

Here is What WE, as American Gun Owners MUST Do….

3 Steps to Kill Biden/Obama Gun Control Schemes

Here is how Gun Control starts… with a BIG LIE. Watch how Obama hoodwinked Democratic gun owners into voting for him…

Here is how Gun Control grows… Watch this video to see Joe Biden make a statement that paints Obama with the blood of thousands of good, law abiding, responsible citizens…

Yes, you heard it right. Biden made the statement, “As the President said, if our actions result in only saving one life, they are worth taking.”

It is hard to believe that the two people elected to the highest office in the land cannot formulate an argument for gun control better than using that worn out, utterly ridiculous, “if it saves just one life…” mantra of moronic gun control fanatics.

Anyone who has a rational thought running thought their heads these days, knows that saving one life by enacting Gun Control will kill THOUSANDS of law abiding, responsible citizens who use guns EVERY YEAR to justifiably defend themselves in lethal encounters.

The BIG LIE is it that Gun Control not about saving just one life. It is about taking away the rights of ALL citizens to defend themselves against enemies, foreign and domestic.

It is time to wake up America and educate them to understand that when we allow Gun Control, we simply shift the balance of power on the street to the criminals. And worse, we grant ABSOLUTE power to the Government.

If we do not learn from the mistakes of 170 million dead, at some point in the future, our children or our grandchildren will pay the absolute price for our inaction and apathy today.


Here are the 3 Steps to Kill Biden/Obama Gun Control Schemes…

Step 1: Watch this video as it is yet another GREAT explanation of the REAL situation in America and it exposes gun grabbing, freedom stealing, fear mongers like Biden and Obama for what they really are: Bad actors who try to appear sincere and empathetic but are really just opportunistic vultures exploiting our dead children to further strip us of our ability to resist their corruption, after yet another Mass Murder in the Gun Free Zones they have created. Watch this…

So violent crime and murder rates have dropped 50% and nobody is taking credit for that… Well I will tell you WHY there has been a 50% reduction in violent crime and murder in the US since 1992.

Only one thing has changed from 1992 to present that would have a direct impact on violent crime and murder rates and that change is the dramatic increase in Shall Issue Concealed Carry Permits!

Florida started it off in 1987 and immediately saw that the issuance of Concealed Carry Permits actually reduced violent crime and murder rates. Other states followed with more and more states adopting Shall Issue Concealed Carry for its responsible, law abiding citizens.

And thus began a trend of nearly all states adopting Shall Issue Concealed Carry for its citizens, (with the notable exceptions of those states like Illinois, New York, Washington DC and a few others) that brings us today to a 50% drop in violent crime and murder rates, making the United States 3 times safer than Gun Free, Not So Great Britain… ALL WHILE MILLIONS MORE GUNS have been manufactured and distributed into the hands of US citizens each year!

Our violent crime rate would be EVEN SMALLER if we did not suffer from the lunatics in office who enact strict gun control in our big cities, causing murder rates to exceed bona fide war zones!

Step 2: It is time to contact the White House and our Congressional Representatives EVERY DAY, DAY IN AND DAY OUT until this gun control nonsense DIES. It will die, if we do our part.

There is only one thing these politicians care about more than anything else… being re-elected. Make sure they understand that if they allow ANY new gun control to pass, you will devote time and money to see them replaced in their next election cycle.

Remind them of the losses the Democrats sustained in 2010 and what happened after the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 when gun owners sought revenge at the voting booth resulting in the Republicans taking the House of Representatives from the Democrats in the 1994 Congressional Elections. It WILL happen again if politicians don’t heed our warning make the same mistake again.

Use this link from my good friend Larry Pratt at Gun Owners of America to contact the White House and your Congressional Representatives EVERY DAY, DAY IN AND DAY OUT until this gun control nonsense ends.

Also use this link to make it even easier to immediately send your message to Biden, Obama, your Governor, Senators and Representatives.

Step 3: Forward this blog post to EVERYONE YOU KNOW and ask them to join in to Kill Biden/Obama Gun Control Schemes by simply following this 3 Step Attack.

I will do my part by making sure that EACH AND EVERY DAY I give you great NEW material to forward so you can make our message go viral across America to educate the masses.

The key is to educate the American people AND their Government Representatives.

This is very easy to do…

1. Read what I send you each day.

2. Send a letter to each of your Senators, Representatives, Governor and the two, biggest freedom stealing gun grabbers in the White House, Biden and Obama.

3. Forward my e-mails to EVERYONE you know and ask them to do the same thing you are doing.

Right now there are 652,324 of us, just on my Front Sight Subscriber List and it is growing in numbers each day as our message is heard. Through our efforts and the magic of geometric progression that occurs when a timely e-mail message goes viral, we can educate and inform the entire nation!

So please do your part and I will keep doing my part.

Together, we can Kill Biden/Obama Gun Control Schemes and save our beloved America from those who attempt to force their will upon us.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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