Front Sight’s Tuesday Blog: Who Should Cower in Shame? Not Gun Owners!

July 16th, 2013  

Today, I have three videos for you.

The first is from our current Attorney General, Eric Holder stating back in 1995 that the government needs to brainwash Americans into thinking that guns are bad and that gun owners should cower in shame just as smokers do in public places.

The second is a recent news video showing how a concealed weapons holder stopped an armed carjacking.

The third video shows who should really cower in shame.

Watch these three videos and then see my comments for Attorney General Eric Holder…

Here is the first video of Eric Holder stating that the government needs to brainwash Americans into believing guns are bad and that we should cower like smokers.

Here is the video of a Florida resident with a Concealed Weapons Permit, saving motorists from an armed carjacker.

Here is the third video showing who should really cower in shame.

And here are my comments for Attorney General, Eric Holder:

Gun owners will never cower in shame.

We have nothing to be ashamed about. 

As you see in the video above, we use guns nearly 3 million times per year to defend ourselves and others. Guns save lives. Guns in the hands of responsible citizens shift the balance of power away from criminals on the street and the thugs in our government and place power in the hands of the people, just as our Founder’s designed when establishing the Second Amendment.

If anyone should cower in shame, it should be Eric Holder for even considering brainwashing American citizens to disavow their gun rights while he lies about his involvement in trafficking guns through ATF’s Fast and Furious debacle. Attorney General Eric Holder’s involvement placed government supplied guns in the hands of criminals across our border which resulted in hundreds, if not thousands of deaths, including a border patrol agent and the recent assassination of a Mexican Police Chief.

Eric Holder should cower in shame, not gun owners.

The more responsible and trained citizens we have carrying guns on the street, the safer we ALL become!

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Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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