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February 4th, 2015  

Our purpose at Front Sight is to positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetime by training responsible citizens in the defensive use of firearms, to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards, and deliver the training without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes so the training experience is great for your entire family.

We are entering our 19th year, have trained nearly a million citizens, and look forward to the day when our training will positively impact every American.

To kick off 2015, we have a number of new programs we are implementing to expand and make our training more accessible to all Americans.

Here is what we are doing…

  1. Each week, in addition to my gun training reports, I will be sending you an article that I have focused on gun safety or gun training or Second Amendment issues. I want you to look for it and learn from it and forward it on to other Americans who can benefit from it.
  2. Once every couple weeks, I will send you a gun training video, created at Front Sight, that is focused on gun safety or gun training or Second Amendment issues. I want you to look for it, learn from it, and forward it on to other Americans who can benefit from it.
  3. If you find news videos of citizens involved in Second Amendment or gun related stories, send them to me. I will review them and use them to educate and train responsible Americans.
  4. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, In a few days, WITH YOUR HELP I am literally going to train EVERY responsible citizen in America who wants to be safe and proficient with a handgun. Watch your e-mail and get trained and then forward it on to everyone you know.

Until then, here is Training Article #2…

In 1992 I had a lengthy conversation with a very notable figure in the firearms training world.  He said flatly “There is nothing more to learn in the world of defensive shooting.  The only thing left is dissemination.  Spread the word and get people trained.”  I agree with the “get people trained” part of his statement.  I completely disagree with the “nothing more to learn” part.  That comment was made to me almost exactly 20 years ago.  The advances made in terms of techniques, equipment, and tactics in the last 20 years are impressive.  If we had simply declared ourselves victorious and stopped learning, we would have missed them all.  You can stop learning if you want to, but the bad guys are a creative lot; they are sitting around right now dreaming up new ways to pull off their next stunt.

And to survive that next “stunt,” how much training and preparation might you need?  In other words, do you actually need formal firearms training?  Many people live to a ripe old age and never even get into a fist fight, let alone a gunfight.  They lived their whole life completely untrained and completely without skill.  Yet, for them, unskilled was good enough.  You and I understand the only reason they were “good enough” was dumb luck.  Do you want to bet your life, and more importantly the lives of your loved ones, on dumb luck?  At the other end of the spectrum, if your job entails serving high-risk warrants on the “other side of the tracks,” you need lots of firearms training.  Most of us live somewhere in between.  You don’t want to trust your life to luck but you don’t want to train to some lofty “professional gunfighter” standard either.  You understand the value of training but you want it to be correct and appropriate to your needs.

The first thing you need to do is define what kind of training you need and how much.  That’s not easy.  An unpleasant truth about gun-fighting is that you have to be pretty darn good for your very first gunfight.  You don’t have the luxury of losing a gunfight or two as you get better and better.  There is no “warm-up.”  There is no progression from little league to the minors to the majors.  When it’s for blood, you had better be in the majors the very first time that handgun leaves the holster.

And here’s another problem.  It’s impossible to predict just how good you need to be to win any particular gunfight.  That clearly depends on the bad guys you are facing.  Many bad guys are complete idiots and just a modicum of skill and a firm attitude on your part will save the day.  However, some bad guys are highly skilled and dedicated, and to win that fight you will have to be pretty sharp.

There are lots of entities which offer “firearms training.”  Examples include the local gun store, the local range, the NRA, family, friends, and professional training organizations.  However, since gun-fighting is not a trial-and-error type of activity, go to a professional organization for your training.  Obviously, I recommend Front Sight, but I am also a realist.  If you live on the other side of the country and your schedule or budget preclude you from making the trip to Front Sight, no problem.  For the time being, get the best training you can at the local level.  In fact, many of our students start at the local level to learn a little bit about the gun, shoot a few rounds, and get over their anxiety.  Then they take the next step and come to Front Sight for professional training.  There is nothing wrong with this two-step approach.  Just don’t kid yourself that a familiarization course held at the local range equates to proper training.

NOTE: Be sure to watch for what I am releasing to you in a few days because you wont find anything easier to attend or less costly than what I will be sending your way…

And here is an example of the type of Front Sight training videos I will be sending you every couple weeks.

Here is an example of the type of videos students send me (and hopefully you will send me great, gun related news videos, too) that I will share with you to supplement and reinforce the training articles and training videos I am creating for you.

So how many of the Four Universal Firearm Safety Rules did the police officer violate?

How did the accident happen?

Here is how it happened… He was handed a gun with an empty chamber that had a loaded magazine in it.

As students who have taken a Front Sight course know, this police officer failed to magazine check and chamber check the gun, which would have revealed the loaded magazine.

He then failed to clear the gun and loaded magazine.

Not knowing the magazine was loaded (because he never magazine checked the gun) he chambered a round by working the slide of the gun.

He failed to treat every gun as if it is loaded, even when he thought it was unloaded.

He covered his own hand with the muzzle of the gun.

He failed to keep his finger off the trigger until his sights are on the target.

BANG! Negligent discharge resulting in a blowing off his finger.

He was lucky. It could have been much worse. The bullet could have blown off his finger and then struck another person in the shop.

So in keeping with our purpose to positively change the image of gun ownership by training responsible citizens to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards, STUDY the two videos I have sent you. MASTER the Four Universal Firearm Safety Rules and then pass this e-mail on to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

Keep up the great work! Together, we are positively changing the image of gun ownership hundreds of times faster than any other group in America!

Thanks again for your participation in Front Sight’s phenomenal success.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
7975 Cameron Drive, #900
Windsor, CA 95492

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