Front Sight Mail Bag: Everyone Needs This Experience…

Dear Dr. Piazza, Front sight is an experience everyone needs to have.  If you are an experienced shooter they will make you better and give you a lot to work on when you leave.  If you are an inexperienced shooter, they will make you much more comfortable and proficient with your gun. It is intense […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Great Place to Learn about Firearms…

Dear Dr. Piazza, Front Sight is a great place to learn about firearms and how to use them.   Most people know that firearms shoot bullets, but very few appreciate the art and discipline of using a firearm properly.  Front Sight teaches how to use, and misuse, most types of popular guns in society today.  Courses […]

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NEW Front Sight Training Article #26

Our purpose at Front Sight is to positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetime by training responsible citizens in the defensive use of firearms, to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards, and deliver the training without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes so the training experience is […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Gun Training that’s the Real Deal

Dear Dr. Piazza, Very professional, it’s the real deal, lots of very good quality instruction. I learned more in 4 days than a life time of shooting. I’ve corrected all of my bad shooting habits. The course has made me a better shot. My groups at times are the size of half dollar or if […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Thanks for Asking…

Dear Dr. Piazza, Thanks for asking about my firearms course at Front Sight.  I am really glad I took the Four Day Defensive Handgun training.  I went from having no formal training and minimal knowledge on handguns to feeling competent at safe handling, proper shooting technique, and how I might handle an immediate threat in […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Self Professed Absolute Newbie Writes In

Dear Dr. Piazza, I cannot recommend Front Sight Training Institute highly enough for anyone, from absolute newbie such as myself, to experienced shooter, to acquire, develop, improve, and hone firearm handling and shooting skills, in a supportive, yet challenging, even exhilarating environment. There was a wide range of skill levels in our class of 40, […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Hands Down Best Place to Train

Dear Dr. Piazza, From beginner to the most advanced learner Front Sight is hands down the best place to learn. Friendly and knowledgeable staff in a safe non-military style positive environment. Great students from all walks of life! It can be a life changing experience. A place to take control of your personal safety and […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Not Meant to be Put in a Drawer

Dear Dr. Piazza, If you want to shoot a gun you need to be trained in safety. If you want to use a gun for self-defense you need to be trained in the use of the firearm, be knowledgeable in when and how to use it and know when not to. It’s not something you […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Perishable Skill at Arms

Dear Dr. Piazza, I suggest very strongly that even experienced shooters attend Front Sight to keep up a very perishable skill. William P

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Group Gun Training Trips

Dear Dr. Piazza, I highly recommend Front Sight to my friends, in fact I’ve organized a couple of group trips to Front Sight for handgun and rifle.  Several of my friends and shooting companions have joined as I’ve given Diamond Memberships to them. Robert L

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