How to get shot by the police during a routine traffic stop…

June 22nd, 2017  

Read what I am sharing with you because it will save your life the next time you are pulled over by the police.


Watch this dash cam video of a routine traffic stop that turned into a horrific tragedy, and then see my 10 Simple and Smart Rules That Will Save Your Life the next time you are pulled over by the police while you are carrying a gun…

This incident is a horrific tragedy for everyone involved. It could have been avoided.

I understand the officer involved was acquitted of all criminal charges connected with the death of the driver, a licensed concealed carry permit holder. I’m sure there will be a civil lawsuit filed by the family of the deceased, if it has not already been filed. The court of law determines the outcome in these cases and those on the sidelines should accept the verdicts, as handed down by members of the juries who weigh all the facts of the case.

Regardless of what side you stand on, this tragedy could have been avoided. If you are a concealed weapon permit holder, follow these 10 Simple and Smart Rules that will save your life the next time you are pulled over by the police, while you are carrying a gun.

  1. When you see the lights of the patrol car behind you, safely pull to the side of the road and turn off your car.
  2. As soon as you stop, if at night, turn the interior lights on, so the officer can see inside your vehicle as he approaches. This shows the officer you have nothing to hide and are making it easy for the officer to visually observe the occupants of the car.
  3. Before the officer approaches, have your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance in your hand with both hands on the top of the steering wheel so the officer can see them. This means your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance should be easily accessible to you without having to dig around in the glove box or center console for it. This also makes the officer’s job easier and sets a proper tone for your interaction with the officer.
  4. If you have a Concealed Weapons Permit and are carrying a gun, DO NOT volunteer that information unless you want to escalate the tension of the situation dramatically for no good reason. I understand in some states the law requires that you tell the officer you have a permit and a gun. THIS IS A BAD LAW. As you saw in the video, volunteering you have a permit and a gun can quickly move a calm, routine traffic stop into something horrific.
  5. Whether you are pulled over for speeding, expired registration, or a fix it issue, be respectful, be honest, pleasantly accept your warning or ticket, and be on your way. Even if you disagree with the officer’s reason for pulling you over, this is not the time or place to dispute his judgement. When you are carrying a gun, you must be a model citizen, and avoid confrontation and escalation at all times.
  6. 99% of all traffic stops are routine and DO NOT result in the officer asking you if you have any weapons in the car or asking you to exit your vehicle. So stay in your vehicle and do not volunteer you have a permit to carry a gun unless the officer asks you specifically, if you have any weapons in the car, or asks you to get out of your car. In 40 years of driving, getting pulled over numerous times and for various issues, I have NEVER been asked if I have a weapon in my car or asked to get out of my car.
  7. In the unlikely event that the officer asks if you have any weapons on you or in the car, or asks you to exit the vehicle, the traffic stop is no longer a routine stop. You are in a potentially dangerous situation if you do not handle yourself in a proper and professional manner. With both of your hands on the steering wheel, say to the officer, (In this example we will assume you are carrying a handgun and have a permit for it,) “Yes officer, I have a handgun, in a holster on my belt, and a concealed weapons permit in my wallet. What would you like me to do?” KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL AND DO NOT MAKE ANY MOVEMENT UNLESS TOLD TO DO SO BY THE OFFICER.
  8. At this point, the officer will tell you what to do and the instructions given will vary greatly depending on the officer’s experience, training, and personal attitude regarding citizens carrying guns. He may tell you to simply remain in the car with your hands on the wheel. He may ask you to exit the vehicle. Whatever you are told, comply immediately but MOVE SLOWLY so the officer feels as comfortable and in control of the situation as possible. Put yourself in the officer’s shoes and do not move in any manner or say anything that would cause you alarm if you were the officer, dealing with someone you pulled over who you do not know, who happens to be carrying a gun.
  9. If the officer asks you to slowly exit the vehicle and place your hands on the hood, do so. Do not be surprised if once you state you have a weapon, the officer or the officer’s partner presents a weapon. The officer may remove your handgun and pat you down for other weapons. Do not resist or complain. Once the weapons are removed from you, or the officer feels the situation is safely under control, the officer may then ask for your concealed weapons permit. Let the officer know where your permit is located and ask him what he would like you to do to present the permit. Again, comply immediately but move slowly.
  10. After everything checks out, and you are issued whatever warning or citation the officer originally pulled you over for, the officer will give you instructions on how he wants to separate from you, knowing that you either still have the handgun in your holster or, had he removed the weapon from you, how he wants you to retrieve it. Again, immediately comply but move slowly and deliberately so you do not cause any concern for the officer’s safety.

Follow these simple and smart rules if you are ever pulled over by the police, while carrying a gun. This is part of your training and it will save your life. Don’t make the mistake of volunteering you have a gun permit like the unfortunate driver in the video did, because there is no upside in doing so.

When the officer asked for his driver’s license and registration, had the driver just handed those over to the officer and said nothing about the gun permit, the officer would have simply written a fix it ticket for the rear lights not working, and the driver would be alive today.

I am not taking any sides here. That is the role of the jury who weighed all the evidence in the criminal trial and will also be the role of the jury in the inevitable civil trial. Our justice system is not perfect, but it is the best in the world. As citizens of this great country we must accept the verdicts as handed down by our peers, who sit on the juries and weigh the evidence as presented.



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