Happy “Sort of Independence” Day Weekend! Here’s the Millionaire Patriot’s REAL INDEPENDENCE DAY Gifts for you, your family and friends…

July 4th, 2020  

Happy “Sort of Independence Day” weekend.

I say “Sort of Independence Day” weekend because it doesn’t feel like we have much independence this weekend at all.

For the first time in nearly 25 years I am not at Front Sight celebrating Independence Day with Front Sight’s members, students and staff because of all the COVID restrictions imposed by the Democratic Governor of Nevada that keeps Front Sight from training thousands of students every week.

Right before the holiday weekend, parks and beaches were closed here in California by the Democratic Governor because the public was not “behaving” properly, wearing their masks and maintaining social distancing.

Business owners, such as restaurants, hair salons, nail salons, bars, that were barely hanging on while closed for over four months, and were just allowed to open, are now being forced to close again.

I’m not going to get on a huge rant over this, but we are not “independent” when we are restricted from attending churches, sporting events, concerts, theaters, schools, restaurants, bars, salons, or told where we can and cannot spend our Independence Day weekend.

We are not “independent” when our businesses are forced to close, and if we refuse to comply, we are arrested or fined or lose our licenses to operate.

Had I been in charge when the Chinese attacked America and the rest of the world with this COVID virus, I would have simply said, “Based on what we know at this time, the elderly, the sick, the immunocompromised, and people with pre-existing cardio vascular, pulmonary, or systemic conditions need to quarantine themselves. Your lives are at risk! The rest of the population, follow CDC guidelines of washing your hands regularly, wear a mask IF YOU WISH, and consider social distancing when practical. We ARE NOT closing down anyone or anything.”

Would we have had deaths attributed to my plan? Yes. But, we would not have caused the death of the most independent nation in the world. We would not have caused the death of tens of thousands of independent small businesses. We would not have caused the death of millions of jobs. We would not have caused the death of trillions of dollars in wages, life savings, equity and value. These are losses we will not be able to recoup, ever. We can start over, but those losses are gone forever.

As Americans we should be free to assess our own risks and act accordingly. We do not need the government to tell us what we must do. Advise yes, decide for us NO!

I do not blame President Trump for the current state of affairs in this country. In all likelihood, knowing Donald as I do, IF HE WERE ALREADY IN HIS SECOND TERM, he would have said EXACLTY what I would have said. In fact, he started to do just that with some comments questioning the death rates of the common flu each year compared to the low death rate of COVID in the general population. The socialist, media mob immediately and vigorously attacked him for it.

The problem for President Trump, if he had listened to his gut, and taken the common sense approach in defiance of the public health officials advising to close the country down because they didn’t have the courage to risk being wrong, Trump would have placed the country’s political future in extreme peril. Had he defied the “advice” from the liberal health officials, the liberal media would have paraded EVERY DEATH from COVID on the evening news, blaming President Trump as if he had personally killed the COVID victims, for not closing the country down. He would have played right into the hands of the liberal media and their onslaught to kill his re-election.

From a political standpoint, due to the most important election in our country’s history, and TRULY the future of our country as we know it, Trump had no choice but to walk a fine line, disregard his gut feelings about what to do, and leave the decisions to “scientists” and the state governors, notably the Democratic State Governors. We now see the terrible results of closing the country down as those Democratic Governors have done and continue to do.

In the end, whenever that may be, I believe the consensus from those who are free thinkers and are not pushing any political agenda will be that we should have quarantined those at risk and let the rest of the country carry on. I believe we will look back on our response to the Chinese Virus Attack as one of the biggest mistakes our country has ever made.

Hopefully, our loss of independence at the hands of the Democratic Governors throughout the country and the damage their unconstitutional orders have created is not lost on American voters in November.

Because the Democrats are defunding their police departments while placating the rioters, looters, and monument defacers, you can be sure that there will be rioting in the streets like we have never seen before, immediately following the election in November, regardless of who wins.

The Democrats and the media have emboldened the anarchists. They have legitimized their radicals views. They opened Pandora’s Box and it will only get worse until a strong and decisive hand closes the lid on the chaos.

If Trump is re-elected, the gloves will come off. He will then be free to close the lid.

Until that day, you will only be able to count on your gun and your training to remain independent and safe.

As the Millionaire Patriot, on this Independence Day Weekend, I want to give you the gift of training as only I can, absolutely freeofcharge and with no strings attached. In these trying times, this is what I can do to help you, your family and your friends.

Here are the links to the free training:

  1. A free, Four Day Defensive Handgun Course ($2,000 value) at our world class, 550 acre training facility near Las Vegas, NV. Secure it now and come out to take your course at any time in the future. We re-open September 1. Get trained BEFORE the election.
  2. While you are waiting for us to re-open September 1, secure your 29 State Concealed Handgun Permit Course freeofcharge through this ONLINE course. Yes, it’s true. You can take our course online and have everything you need to submit and receive a Concealed Handgun Permit good in 29 states.

All I ask in return is that you forward this email to everyone you know and encourage them to take advantage of my gifts so they ARE PREPARED for what lies ahead…

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
#1 Front Sight Road
Pahrump, NV 89061

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