Medal of Honor winner weighs in on current state of America and Trump’s character…

August 26th, 2020  

You all know what it takes to be a Medal of Honor recipient.

There is no higher honor.

Imagine what it takes to preside over fellow Medal of Honor recipients.

There are times when I read articles, written by people of unquestionable personal integrity and life experience, that I must pass on to you. Here is one of them.

Here is a Medal of Honor recipient and former Medal of Honor Society president sharing his insight on the current social condition of America, the three elements of exceptionalism, and the character of Donald Trump…

Former Medal of Honor Society president: Trump epitomizes American exceptionalism

Exclusive: Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady explains what makes America great, and sizes up the presidential candidates

By Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady Published August 17, 2020 at 7:49pm

Editor’s note: Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady is a Medal of Honor recipient and former president of the Medal of Honor Society.

As a Medal of Honor recipient, I speak to many audiences across America. A popular subject is “American exceptionalism.”As hard as it would have been to believe in previous eras, too many Americans today don’t believe our nation is exceptional.

American exceptionalism is defined in the Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy as: “a term used to describe the belief that the United States is an extraordinary nation with a special role to play in human history; a nation that is not only unique but superior.”

I do believe we meet that definition, that we are exceptional, that we are hardwired, because of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, differently than other peoples. I believe we have played a special role in history, that we are unique and superior as a nation and that we are a gift to the world. That is not just a sentiment; it is supportable by facts.

In fact, I believe Americans are beyond exceptional; we are indeed the last, best hope of mankind. Does anyone believe any other nation is the last, best hope of mankind?

Alexis de Tocqueville in the 19th century was the first to call America exceptional – he also said America is great because America is good. Goodness is the indispensable element of our exceptionalism and ties the other three together. And what are the other three elements of our exceptionalism?

We are an exceptionally courageous people, an exceptionally compassionate people and an exceptionally competitive people – and we have been a good people.

It necessarily follows that we cannot be an exceptional nation if we are not peopled by, and grow, exceptionally courageous, compassionate and competitive citizen. If we look at our history, and the great people who made us exceptional, we will find that they were indeed courageous, compassionate and competitive. It is hard to name one truly great American who did not possess these qualities.

It also follows that if our people lose these qualities, we will cease to be exceptional. Tragically, there has never been a time in my life when we were in such danger as we are now.

If we just focus on courage, are we as courageous as past generations? Find a “snowflake” in past generations. What generation was “triggered,” turned to mush by words, and needed “safe spaces” for protection? Can you imagine the Greatest Generation being told certain words were “hate speech” and they were forbidden to use them, or that some wanted to take their guns away? Good luck with that. We are evolving from a nation of laws to a nation of cowards. Name one courageous politician, fearless before the tyrants in the media. I know one.

Our current dishonest media is clearly an enemy of the people; indeed, I would say an enemy to our future as a Republic. The two most important guarantors of our future are the media and the military; one keeps us secure and the other keeps us free. We are secure because of our great military. The media, once an impartial honest trustee, is long gone. Our freedom is at risk. They now support and promote the Marxist cabal that is destroying our country. We have to restore the media to its rightful role or we are lost.

Our media are also the cruelest, ugliest bullies in our society. Remember the guy in school who took on the local bully? He became an instant hero to the rest of us. We have one politician who refuses to cower before the bullies in the media. He is the only politician that has the courage to confront and rehabilitate these bullies. He is President Donald Trump.

And he meets personally those three qualities that make us an exceptional nation. Before I explain this, I will pause to acknowledge that he is human. This bothers some who care more about personality than policy. This is deadly to our survival, but we do have such people, mostly in the media. The Apostle Peter was flawed, but Jesus picked him to be the leader of his church. Trump is no saint, but neither are any of the great leaders I have known. Trump’s policies indeed trump his personality.

Consider the courage of this man. No politician, perhaps no human, in recent history has faced the assaults on his character, his policies, his very being such as have been leveled at Trump. He has stood up to barrage after bombardment of lies, slander and character assassination without retreat. I don’t believe there is a politician alive who has the courage to face what this president has faced and still have prevailed. Courage, we believe, is a function of faith, and this man has faith in God, the American people, our heritage and our Constitution.

Surely there has never been a president as investigated as President Trump. And through it all he has not been found to have done anything illegal. He is totally free from the tentacles of the lobbyists that strangle and seduce many politicians. He may be the most honest, open and upright president in our history.

We are measurably the most compassionate people in the world. Americans give billions annually to charities, at home and across the world. No individuals give more than the Americans. We also adopt more children than the rest of the world combined. Who is at the forefront of every natural disaster on this planet? Who gives more in response to the medical needs and poverty of all peoples?

Has there ever been a more compassionate president than President Trump? What president has given more, and given up more, for our people? His generosity as a businessman was legendary. As president he has donated from his salary, and personal funds, to veterans, veteran cemeteries, historic sites, needy children, caregivers, public health, alcohol and opioid addiction, hurricane relief and leadership training – and on and on.

He may be the only president in our history who leaves office poorer than when he entered. Look at the wealth of Clinton, Obama and Biden pre- and post- holding high office. I wonder what they donated, of their personal funds, while in office?

President Trump also understands the difference between compassion, help to the genuinely needy, and government bribing, which leads to addiction and eventually to socialism, the precursor to communism. It forms a relationship between our people and our government that is similar to that between a drug dealer and an addict. A controlling government is like a dope peddler: They seek to grow the addiction of the people, to build their dependence which grows the power, the ultimate aphrodisiac of evil, the power of the government – for votes.

We are an exceptionally competitive people. More so than any other nation, we have been a meritocracy that fosters and is souled by competition. We are a people who believe we should be free to pursue happiness, but we also find happiness in the pursuit – in pure, unfettered, joyful competition. Winners are courageous and competitive. Our Constitution frees us to compete as equals in the marketplace of ideas and industry. Success in America has been a function of ability and hard work and a willingness to compete more so than any other factors. Competition belies victimhood, identifies cowards and exposes the lies of socialism and communism.

President Trump has excelled in America’s competitive business environment. Now he competes for America. We are his corporation, so to speak. His bottom line is our success. God help any nation, anyone or anything who gets in the way of his drive for our welfare.

And President Trump firmly believes the key to a successful future is a strong belief in our exceptionalism. He trumpets our heritage, our heroes, our flag and the keystone of it all – our Constitution. He teaches that we cannot survive unless we continue to grow patriots, young people who believe in our exceptionalism, who prove their love for America by supporting and defending her.

In the past, America has produced the right man in critical times to lead this nation. We are in critical times. The right man is President Trump. He is an exceptionally courageous man, an exceptionally compassionate man and an exceptionally competitive man. It is imperative that he prevails over the socialist cabal that controls Joe Biden. Our future depends on it.

If we fail, it will be because we commit suicide, we lose our courage and become cowards, we lose our compassion and become greedy and self-centered, and we lose our competitiveness and become socialists. But we will lose all these only if we lose our goodness and abandon the God who has so richly blessed our undertaking.

Yes, America has a proven history of exceptionalism.

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