We Are Systematically and Institutionally Being Lied To…

October 7th, 2020  

If you have already read and sent this to everyone on your lists, page down to the bold red text and NRA article that was written about several of the thousands of new gun owners we are training at Front Sight.

If you have not read this yet, please do so and then forward to everyone you know. It is important we educate the nation to stand firm, VOTE FOR TRUMP and not allow the Left to gaslight us into believing what is not true.

My gut tells me Donald Trump is going to ride a BIG RED WAVE to a landslide victory in the November election. My gut is usually right. In fact, the only time I ever get myself into trouble is when I let other people talk me out of what my gut is telling me.

Why does my gut tell me Trump is going to win BIG in November? It is not just a visceral or an emotional idea.

I will lay out the specifics of why my gut is right in this email, but overall, I believe we still have a MAJORITY of Americans in this country who are not brain dead, can see through the haze of misinformation that is fed to them every day, and know WHAT IS TRUE and WHAT IS AMERICAN. Like Trump, I believe in America and Americans.

Yes, there are plenty of people who believe everything they read, see, and hear from the liberal media. But they believe it because they WANT to believe it. Deep down they know a lie when they hear it, and they know duplicity when they see it, and they know propaganda when they read it. But as liberal idealists (especially the wet-behind-the-ears youth of America) they WANT to believe that there are enough wealthy people and corporations in America, who are not paying their fair share in taxes; and can be forced into paying enough in taxes to stop global warming; give free college and free healthcare to everyone; create millions of good paying jobs; take care of our homeless problems; keep our military strong; and reduce the national debt.

They WANT to believe the Democratic Party is good, so they believe all the lies their liberal media news agencies show them on TV, tell them on the radio, and print for them in their newspapers.

In the presidential election of 2016, we were at a crossroads in America. Hillary and her corrupt political machine against the rough around the edges, non-politician, businessman, Donald Trump. My gut told me Trump was going to win for LESS reasons than we have TODAY.

I was actually in Florida that week in November 2016, driving from Orlando to Tampa on a vacation of sorts. Every radio station was talking about how Hillary was easily going to take Florida in the election and Trump had no chance to win the election. It was a forgone conclusion that Hillary Clinton was destined to become America’s first female president. Why even vote?

But there was just one big problem with that propaganda I was hearing on the radio as I drove across Florida that week. I wasn’t seeing Clinton bumper stickers or yard signs. There were a few, but for every Clinton sticker or yard sign, there were ten or more Trump stickers and signs. And every now and then a pick-up truck with a big American flag waving from a pole fastened to the bumper and TRUMP 2016 spray painted across the side of the truck would rumble by to the honks of approvals from other drivers. And then there were all the barns that had TRUMP painted on the roofs and sides.

One of my stops that week was a NY Yankee’s baseball fantasy camp in Tampa, FL that had 120 men in attendance from all over the eastern seaboard. While in the locker room, all the TV’s were tuned to the news stations as election day approached. Being curious as to what my gut was telling me, I interrupted all the individual chatter going on and asked, “If the election were held right now, in this room, who is voting for TRUMP?” 119 hands went up. I didn’t count them but I knew it was everyone except one guy from New Jersey. So I asked with a laugh, “Who is voting for Hillary?” The one guy raised his hand to the boos of the rest of the group. He quickly said, “Hey, I’m for Trump too, but my business is importing and selling goods from China so I gotta’ vote for Hillary.”

Well, we know what happened in 2016. There were enough Americans, especially those from outside the east and west coast big cities, who were not brain dead and did not believe the propaganda of the leftist media. Trump was victorious. My gut was right again. America was saved from ruin for another four years.

If you paid attention over the last four years you know that Trump has accomplished more in his first term than any president in our lifetimes, and he has done it in the harshest political and media climate of any president in the history of our country. What he has accomplished, battling through all the unfounded attacks, lies, deceit, treason and betrayals is nothing short of AMAZING!

Here is the list of some of Trump’s accomplishments. It is not up to date, which surprises me. His most recent actions in the Middle East that gained him nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize are not listed. His aggressive travel bans, rallying of the manufacturing industry to supply masks, PPE, respirators, ventilators, and pharmaceuticals to keep up with demand, and fast tracking the development of vaccinations in response to COVID are not listed either. His PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and financial aid to suffering businesses and the unemployed is not listed either.

Yet you never saw any of his hundreds of accomplishments on the Liberal Left Evening News. In fact, the Washington Post recently reported that 91% of the recent news about Trump has been negative. NPR reports that only 5% of news stories about Trump are positive versus 42% of news stories were positive about Obama.

So where am I going with all of this?

Don’t allow the Liberal Left to gaslight you.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes, including low self-esteem. They do this with repeated lies, then deny they ever lied, then tell more lies.

The Liberal Left have been gaslighting the American people for years, but have put their gaslighting campaign on steroids since 2015.

EVERY news agency on TV is gaslighting you. Even FOX News gaslights you in a subtle manner with some of their less-than-staunch-conservative hosts and overtly gaslights you with hosts like Chris Wallace. Did you know that FOX News’ Vice President Danny O’Brien, is Joe Biden’s former Chief of Staff? Yes, it’s true.

The Liberal Left WANT you to believe Trump cannot win. They WANT you to believe that your gut must be wrong. They WANT you to believe you must not be right in your assessment of which candidate will best represent the needs of America and the American people. They WANT you to doubt yourself and your beliefs. They WANT you to think that the rest of the country is the real majority and you are the losing minority. WHY are they doing this? Because they WANT you to think Trump is so far behind in the polls you should not waste your time voting for him or waste your money donating to his campaign.

They were wrong in 2016 and NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH in 2020.

Here is why…

My gut says Trump is going to win, and my mind confirms it with these facts:

The same people who voted Trump to victory in 2016 will vote for him again in 2020.

MANY of the people who were on the fence for Trump in 2016 and did not vote for him then, have now seen what he accomplished over 4 years and will vote for him this time. This is millions of votes more for Trump than in 2016.

Due to the Radical Left’s support of ANTIFA, BLM and Defund the Police, TRUMP now has the support of all law enforcement and their families, nationwide. This has not happened for a Republican candidate for generations as police unions nearly always encourage their rank and file to vote for the tax and spend Democrats. This is millions more votes for Trump in 2020 than in 2016.

Due to Trump’s record rebuilding of the military, his true love and respect for the military, and jumping in to fix the decades long problems with the Veterans Administration, Trump now has the overwhelming support of military families, both active and retired that he did not have in 2016.

Due to Trump having the courage to go into the inner cities in 2016 and tell the people there, who have voted Democrat for generations, that he would do more for them if they would give him the chance, AND THEN PROVING TO THEM HE WAS RIGHT through his policies that dropped minority unemployment to the lowest levels EVER and minority business starts ups to the highest levels EVER, he will get millions more votes from minority Americans.

By building the wall as he promised and dramatically slowing illegal immigration across our borders, Trump showed his respect for all the LEGAL immigrants who were being placed at an unfair disadvantage in competing for jobs, housing, and contracts with ILLEGAL immigrants. As a result he is now getting millions more votes from the Hispanic population.

By reducing unwarranted and bureaucratic restrictions on businesses, lowering taxes, opening back up America’s oil industry to make us energy independent for the first time in our lifetimes, and bringing industry growth back to America, Trump created more blue collar jobs and improved life for middle class Americans of all races. They know it and Trump will receive more of their votes in 2020 than he did in 2016.

And here is another observation that tells me Trump is going to have a landslide victory in November. I currently live in the SF Bay area. The bluest area of the bluest state in the US. (I know, it’s crazy. I have suffered through it for years due to family being here for generations, but I’m moving to the great state of Texas in June of 2021.)

To the point, in 2016 there were bumper stickers, and yard signs, and banners for Hillary Clinton EVERYWHERE. Today, you don’t see ANY Biden/Harris bumper stickers, yard signs or banners.

This is a quiet, yet STRONG sign that even the bluest of the blue are no longer dogmatic Biden supporters and are fed up with the Democratic controlled lockdown of the state; the out of control homeless problems; the school closures; the mismanagement of California forests for the last 40 years resulting in the state burning to the ground; the COVID excuse to release thousands of prisoners; the no cash bail for all crimes policies; the resulting rising crime rates in all categories; the defund the police policies; and the rising taxes! More Californians are going to vote for Trump in 2020 than ever before and this is happening in all the Democratic controlled states, including New York.

And when it comes to the COVID pandemic, which Hanoi Jane Fonda said, with a laugh, is “God’s gift to the Left,” Americans are not dumb or blind to the FACTS surrounding COVID, even though the gaslighting by the Left is in HYPERDRIVE regarding COVID.

Americans are not forgetting that when COVID first hit, Democrats were busy trying to impeach Trump on a bogus Russian collusion conspiracy theory that recently proved to be a treasonous attempt by Clinton, Obama and Biden to undermine the Trump transition to the Office of the President.

Americans are not going to forget that when the Democrats finally looked up from the bogus impeachment proceedings Biden and the Democrats scorned Trump for closing the borders to China and Europe to protect Americans from this new virus.

Americans are not going to forget that months into the pandemic, Nancy Pelosi was in Chinatown (San Francisco) with no mask, encouraging people to visit Chinatown because there was no danger.

Americans are not going to forget that it is Democratic mayors and governors who TO THIS DAY are STILL keeping businesses and schools closed while Republican controlled states have been open for months.

And Americans are not going to forget the hypocrisy of the Left when Nancy Pelosi, the poster child of the Left was caught on surveillance cameras, illegally in a San Francisco hair salon, getting her hair dyed, with no mask, when all of San Francisco was still on lock down. And when caught, Pelosi lied by saying she was “set up” by the salon owner! Gaslighting at its finest!

And last, but certainly not least, FBI Instant Background Checks reveal that in the first 7 months of 2020, there are over 5 Million NEW, FIRST TIME GUN OWNERS!

Biden and the Democratic Party have openly and unapologetically stated, as part of their Liberal Left Platform that if elected, Biden, Harris and their Gun Czar, Beto O’Rourke are going to confiscate guns. These new gun owners, many of them previously Democrats, have a new perspective on guns, the Republican Party and Donald Trump. They will be voting Republican, likely for the first time TO PROTECT THEIR GUN RIGHTS. I know, because we are seeing them at Front Sight. This represents millions MORE new Trump votes.

Check out this NRA article about several, new gun owners from California, who are a small sample of the thousands of new gun owners flocking to Front Sight…

Here is the First Freedom article:

Commissioners Declare Nye County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City

Americans are not dumb or blind. The Liberal Left thinks we are, but we are not.

In the last week, Gallup conducted a poll asking Americans if they thought they were better off NOW as opposed to four years ago. Even with the COVID pandemic and the associated lockdowns, 56% of Americans feel they are better off NOW than they were four years ago.

This is the HIGHEST number ever recorded since Ronald Reagan asked that question of Americans in his final debate with Jimmie Carter. 56% is another huge indicator Trump is going to win decisively, but look at how CNN used this historical indicator, that has never been wrong, to gaslight the American people into thinking that it means voters do not like Trump or associate their well-being with him, because the voting polls show Trump so far behind.

Well, polls are only as accurate as the way the questions are asked and who is asked the questions. We all know how accurate those polls were in 2016 and like everything else in this election, the gaslighting by the Left is on steroids, so don’t believe the polls!

I have faith in Americans to see through the haze of all the deceit of the Liberal Left and vote with their gut.

I happen to like Trump as a person, having dined with him, talked with him, asked him hard questions and received sincere answers in return. I like his sons, Eric and Donald Jr. as well. Eric is a big fan of Front Sight.

Donald Trump’s actions speak louder than his words, and his actions for America and Americans show his heart is with, and for America. HE DID MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Even though I personally like his authenticity and sincerity, his tell-it-like-it-is, no-holds-barred, in- your-face way he communicates, I know his personality can rub people the wrong way. The BIG questions for the vast majority of Americans who are NOT dumb and blind are as follows:

Who would you rather have sitting across the table from other nations’ leaders, both allies and adversaries, working and negotiating for America’s best interests in trade deals?

Who would you rather have working and negotiating for America’s best interests in foreign policy?

Who would you rather have working and negotiating for America’s best interests at the United Nations?

Who would you rather have working and negotiating for America’s best interests in NATO?

Who would you rather have working and negotiating for America’s best interests in Congress?

Who would you rather have in charge of creating jobs and lowering taxes?

Who would you rather have in charge of making China pay for what the Communists knowingly did to America and the world?

Donald Trump or this guy?

The vast majority of Americans are not dumb or blind. They can see how they have been lied to by the Liberal Left for years thorough a gaslighting campaign that has been on steroids since 2015. They even know that Biden stole the “Buy American” slogan from Trump’s campaign platform (another gaslighting technique) after Trump exposed Obama and Biden for all their terrible trade deals that resulted in China and third world countries getting the manufacturing price edge over American manufacturing, so damn near everything that is purchased in America is made OUTSIDE the US.


Don’t let the Liberal Left gaslight you into thinking you are not among the vast majority of Americans who see that Donald Trump is not perfect, but know he bleeds the red, white and blue of our American Flag, loves America and ALL Americans as he loves his own family and WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Don’t fall for the Liberal Left’s gaslighting campaign to try to trick you into believing Donald Trump cannot and will not win.

DONATE to Donald Trump’s campaign.

VOTE for Donald Trump.

SHARE this email with EVERYONE you know.

We cannot allow the gaslighting campaign of the RADICAL LEFT to cause Americans to doubt their better judgment.

PLEASE spread the TRUTH.

Please forward this email to EVERYONE you know.

To reward you for doing so, if you have not already done so, simply take advantage of my offer BELOW to train you in a $2,000 Four Day Defensive Handgun Course absolutely FREE OF CHARGE, with no hidden surprises, catches or obligations that you can use at any time in the future, with no expiration date, or transfer to anyone who has not yet attended a course at Front Sight.

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There is a reason why my hundreds of thousands of students and members call me the Millionaire Patriot. It’s time for you to find out why too!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
7975 Cameron Drive, #900
Windsor, CA 95492

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