I just got off the phone with Vice President Mike Pence. This is what we are doing…

November 6th, 2020  

I just got off the phone with Vice President Mike Pence.

Here is what we are doing…

  1. President Trump secured more votes than any Republican presidential candidate in American history.
  2. President Trump secured more African American, Hispanic, and Native American votes than any other Republican presidential candidate in the last 60 years.
  3. There was a RED WAVE. There was NO BLUE WAVE. The polls had it wrong. The media had it wrong.
  4. Republicans did not lose a single seat in the House of Representatives and in fact, gained numerous seats and will likely have a 50/50 split in the House of Representatives by the time the election has concluded.
  5. After the Democrats spent HUNDREDS of millions of dollars to unseat key Republican Senators, the Republicans maintained the majority in the Senate only losing one seat.
  6. Donald Trump over performed in every category as compared to 2016, while Joe Biden underperformed in every major city as compared to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, EXCEPT in the cities of Milwaukee, WI; Philadelphia, PA; Atlanta, GA; and Detroit, MI. Of course these are the cities which halted ballot counting as President Trump was headed to an overwhelming victory, and are now eroding his lead with a continuous dumping of votes, some which show 100% of the vote going to Joe Biden.
  7. Vice President Pence is more diplomatic than President Donald Trump when he says, “We are not out of this race. Every legal vote will be counted. Every illegal vote will be thrown out. We will protect the integrity of THE VOTE. We will win this election.”
  8. Vice President Pence believes AZ will ultimately be called for President Trump.
  9. North Carolina is clearly heading to a Trump win.
  10. In Wisconsin there will be a recount and investigation into any and all voting irregularities.
  11. In Georgia there will be a recount and investigation into all voting irregularities.
  12. In Nevada, there will be a recount if necessary and the Department of Justice has already launched a criminal investigation into the voter fraud in Nevada.
  13. In Pennsylvania, the House and Senate are already investigating numerous voting irregularities along with failure to allow observation of the ballot counting. However, the biggest issue in Pennsylvania is the fact that the Pennsylvania courts illegally changed the voting rules. Only the Pennsylvania legislature can make changes to voting rules. This was already in front of the US Supreme Court to decide the merits of the case, but Justice Roberts with only 8 justices on the Court, kicked the can down the road, hoping it would not be an issue that the Supreme Court would need to decide. Well NOW, they will need to decide it with a 6-3 conservative Court.
  14. Vice President Mike Pence thanked me and others for our leadership and support. He was diplomatic, but firm, when he reiterated at the end of our call that President Trump and the Republican Party “Are not out of this race. Every legal vote will be counted. Every illegal vote will be thrown out. We will protect the integrity of THE VOTE. We will win this election.”

Thank God that Trump is a fighter and he is willing to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Trump is refusing to accept the highly questionable actions of the Democratic controlled states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Atlanta and Nevada on the night of the election, and the subsequent Biden voter dumps that have followed for days after the election. Trump is going to expose the Democratic Party’s corruption and voter fraud that Republicans have complained about for years, through all the lawsuits and investigations needed to prove voter fraud.

We have never had a candidate like Trump who is willing to take the fight to the Democrats with focused, overwhelming, aggressive, legal force.

He will defeat the Democrats and the Liberal Media, through the Supreme Court if he must, to claim his rightful victory in a FAIR election we all voted for…

Donald J Trump

This could get ugly before it is resolved.

There could be civil unrest and violence by the radical left like we have never seen before in this country.

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