(video) This is the biggest sellout I have ever witnessed. Unbelievable…

January 10th, 2021  

I must warn you, the video below is going to make you sick.

I have never seen such a sellout, in all my life.

Kristallnacht, the “Night of Broken Glass” from 1938 Nazi Germany is being compared to the January 6 Trump Rally, that we all now know was hijacked by the Antifa and BLM activists. Are you serious? This is Hollywood gaslighting in its most egregious form.

Where the hell was this Hollywood RINO for the MONTHS of riots, broken glass, burned businesses, assaults, murders and general mayhem caused by BLM and Antifa? Why no personal video denouncing those MONTHS of Kristallnacht, including the attack on his beloved Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills?

Mr. “I’ll be back” will never be back or supported again by patriots after they see the video below, so send this email far and wide! This duplicitous arschloch’s movie career is essentially “terminated.”

The flaming liberals he just sold out to, have never watched his movies, sneered at his lack of acting ability, and laughed at him, behind his back, his entire career. It was only gun owning patriots who supported his films and he just shite on us. He can shove his Conan sword right up his arsch!

I could write ten pages of descriptive text describing my disgust for this person and what you are about to see. It now makes complete sense as to how deep Hollywood is involved in America’s ruin.

Du bist ein Verrater, Arnold, ein Scheib-Verrater!

I do not think we have heard the last of President Trump between now and January 20. Even through all the censorship, banning of Trump’s entire team from ALL platforms, and selected removal of patriotic, live stream video reports just minutes after they air, I have received direct and indirect evidence that President Trump has in fact, signed the Insurrection Act to initiate the taking back of our country from the Corruptocrats.

My good friend Bill Whittle is always insightful. Whether President Trump is able to save the Republic from the Corruptocrats or not, Bill’s video from last week is a good lesson for every patriot to understand…

And what about the Corruptocrats desperate attempt to impeach Donald Trump before January 20? Can’t happen…

So until something BIG reveals itself in the coming days, I leave you with this…

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