It is now up to the RED States to fight China Joe Biden and the Corruptocrats…

February 10th, 2021  

As I mentioned previously, the next four years will be wrought with litigation.

We have the Republican controlled states filing lawsuits and passing legislation to keep China Joe Biden and the Corruptocrats from destroying the country.

This is why, if you can, you should move to RED states and support those states who are willing to fight for the American way of life.

South Dakota is setting an example for others to follow…


HUGE: State Legislature Seeks To Nullify Biden’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Executive Orders

by Chris Donaldson – about 12 hours ago

Just three weeks into former Vice President Joe Biden’s administration, it is already clear that he will rule by decree instead of honoring the traditional legislative process.

Quickly discarding his hollow appeals for unity, good old Joe from Scranton has signed off on a series of sweeping executive orders that have rolled back the America first agenda of former President Donald J. Trump and dashed any false notions that he is a moderate.

Now that heavily-militarized Washington D.C. and the one-party state have effectively snuffed out the democratic process at the federal level, it is up to the states to assert their rights against the tyranny of the swamp.

That is what is happening in South Dakota where the legislature is seeking the power to nullify Biden’s orders on the grounds that they are unconstitutional.

Look below:

Click here to Read Full Article…

My good friend Dinesh D’Souza has a report from Florida that is a great start in the fight against Big Tech Censorship.

More states and organizations are ramping up to fight the Corruptocrats, Left Wing Media and Big Tech Censors.

Watch his short video report from Dinesh and pass it on…

You can help. Here is another big action step you can take in our fight against the Corruptocrats.

Watch my good friend and fellow patriot, Mike Lindell’s documentary that lays out all the proof of the 2020 election fraud.

Mike spent a fortune to put this together for you and the country.

Watch it and forward it to everyone you know…

As you read below, there are four, ADDITIONAL action steps we can take to support all patriots in the fight against the Socialists in Office.

One of the action steps is to support my good friend, Alan Gottlieb and his Second Amendment Foundation. Here is an example of how he is fighting for you… SAF FILES AMICUS OPPOSING FORCED ATF ADOPTION OF EXTREME GUN DEFINITION

With federal gun control legislation already being submitted in the new, Corruptocrat controlled Congress, what can you do to support all patriots in the upcoming fight against the Socialists in Office?

  1. If you live in a socialist state, MOVE to a Red State. Do not continue to support socialist policies by paying income tax, fuel tax, property tax, sales tax, and all the supplemental taxes to state governments who use that money to screw you and patriots like you. I am moving out of CA immediately and setting up residence in Texas. As you know I already have Front Sight in RED Nye County, Nevada.
  2. With the NRA filing for bankruptcy a month ago, I doubt they will be leading the way in filing litigation against all the federal anti-gun legislation we will begin seeing immediately, but you can count on my good friend, Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation to litigate against the onslaught of federal anti-gun legislation coming our way. Litigation takes MONEY, so support Alan and his efforts at
  3. GET EXPERTLY TRAINED in handgun, shotgun, rifle and submachine gun. Once I train you, the government can never take away the Comfort of Skill at Arms I have instilled in you. They may try to take or tax your semi autos away from you, but once I train you, Any Gun Will Do Because YOU Will Do! You will have expertise and training that translates to ANY gun, whether it be a full-auto, semi-auto, revolver, pump action, bolt action, lever action, or single shot.
  4. FORWARD this email to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. As patriots we need to be aligned and trained for what is ahead. Get Trained NOW by taking advantage of my gift to all Patriots, a FREE, Four Day Defensive Handgun Course with no surprises, catches or obligations…

Front Sight Video

We will ALL get through this. It won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty, but aligned in patriotic ideals, and willing to support those individuals and organizations who are leading the fight, we will make it through until another plan becomes evident to everybody…

If you have not done so, get trained NOW!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
7975 Cameron Drive, #900
Windsor, CA 95492

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