(video) Dennis Prager training at Front Sight and he has a few words for you…

Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and founder of Prager University, recently attended a Handgun course at Front Sight. He would like to tell you about his experience. Listen to what Dennis has to say about his experience, gun training in general, and the important role of Front Sight. Then see our Construction […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: First Visit Won’t Be Last

Dear Dr. Piazza, This was my first visit to Front Sight and it won’t be my last.  The level of instruction was exceptional and I am already enrolled in an introductory shotgun class and also an advanced 2-day handgun class later this year.  In addition my wife wants to come with me next time and […]

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Another BRAND NEW Reality Check Video and grab the free gun course I’m giving you with no strings attached…

Believe me, this is not an isolated incident. Negligence like this is more common than you would think. Especially with people who SHOULD know better. This incident just happened to be filmed so we are bringing it to your attention so you can watch it and then take me up on my offer to train you freeofcharge, with no strings attached!

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Front Sight Mailbag: How to Survive a “Situation”

Dear Dr. Piazza, I have been shooting hand guns and long guns all of my adult life, and thought of myself as fairly proficient around weapons and able to defend myself in real life “situation”. What I learned at Front Sight is that I was woefully lacking in several skills and disciplines to survive such a “situation”. I […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: For Professional or Personal Gun Use, This Person Recommends…

Dear Dr. Piazza, I would readily recommend this course to anyone in my professional or personal settings.  I have carried a handgun for almost 40 years professionally and this course still taught me quite a bit and seriously refreshed my skills; in fact, I am certain that I will take it again myself to maintain […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: One of the Best Handgun Courses Ever

Dear Dr. Piazza, This was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken at Front Sight. The instructors were all excellent. The curriculum was fantastic. I learned methods I had never before experienced. Thank you! John L

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ANOTHER NEW Front Sight Reality Check Video and a $2,000 handgun course freeofcharge for you with no strings attached…

Here is a new Reality Check Video for you. This one features a very courageous police officer in South America who demonstrates The Combat Mindset when he engages two armed thugs in a life and death gun battle at close contact distances. See how this happened and the eventual outcome of his life and death […]

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Want a more rewarding career working with us at Front Sight? We just hired 6 new instructors and looking for more…

2018 is another “best year ever” for us. We just keep getting bigger, stronger, and more successful. This is our latest construction progress video showing the continued development of Front Sight Resort. As you will see, Front Sight is already the most amazing firearm training facility in the world, capable of training 2,000 students per […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Brought the Wife

Dear Dr. Piazza, This is the second time I have attended this class and this time I brought my wife with me.  I can’t say how much we both enjoyed the training.  I was able to pick up information that I had missed the first time and continue to practice the skills.  My wife has […]

June 21st, 2018 Permalink

Front Sight Mailbag: Excellent Experience

Dear Dr. Piazza, I am writing to say thanks to everyone at Front Sight for an excellent experience.  My sons 22 and 16 and I recently attended a Two Day Defensive Handgun course.  It was our first time to Front Sight and we could not be happier.  We learned more than I would have thought […]

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