Ignatius Piazza helps Military Women

Memorial Day weekend is a powerful day for many people. This Memorial Day, many women in the military are being recognized for their hard work and perseverance for our country. In this ceremony, sadly enough, the issue of MST – Military Sexual Trauma – is being brought to the attention of the general public. A […]

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Want to Change Your Life? Go to Front Sight!

In 2003, Phil Spector shot and killed a forty year old woman. His first trial was not until 2007, which ended unsuccessfully, but by the end of his second trial (last month), he was taken into custody. Now, he awaits his sentence, which is presumably going to be nineteen years to life. So, he murdered […]

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When Child Molesters Run Free – Protect Your Children With Front Sight

In West Virginia a high school principal has been arrested. He is being charged with felony sex charges against a student. The incident happened in 1986, but the victim – a young boy – did not say anything about it because he thought that it was already being taken care of. But nothing had been […]

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Ignatius Piazza Will Help You Reach Goals

Two men, suspects of a burglary on Monday, have been arrested. The men are seventeen and nineteen years old. When they fled the scene, they crashed their vehicle into their victim’s truck… and then into railroad tracks, which caused an injury to one of them. I guess people like to live dangerously, or maybe they […]

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Gun Training with Ignatius Piazza – Fight Domestic Violence

In Washington, an odd case of domestic violence was reported and the fiasco ended with a seventy eight year old woman being arrested. She beat up her eighty four year old husband with a bowl, a pipe and a carpet sweeper, causing him a broken wrist, pelvis and ribs. What caused this altercation? She thought […]

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Ignatius Piazza Guarantees Front Sight

Last Saturday, in Springfield, a man fired two rounds from his shotgun at the suspects of a home invasion. All of the men knew each other, so police are assuming this was a targeted and planned attack. There are a lot of crimes out there that are committed by people you do not know. However, […]

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Front Sight Eases Fear

Last week, a man went into a furniture store and went behind the counter, where he proceeded to hit the manager in the face and take his wallet. I don’t know about you, but this seems a bit odd to me. Why did he rob the store employee? Then again, not many people make much […]

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Save Your Life (and Your Car) With Gun Training and Knife Training from Front Sight!

In Burbank, California, a teenage girl was carjacked by a man who had come up to her car, asking for her help. He said he was running from a gang who had previously attacked him, and needed her help to escape. The teenager, wanting to help, drove him a few miles away, where he pulled […]

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Ignatius Piazza is the Man Who Cares

In Detroit, a man pretended to be the father of a teen who was killed by a drunken driver.  Forty seven year old Francis Dingle, with a blood alcohol level of .20, hit a car of four teenagers back in March.  The man who claimed to be one of the victims’ father is David Randazzo, […]

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What Could You Do in Six Months?

For six months, a woman was held captive, repeatedly raped and continuously sexually violated. She was detained by a thirty seven year old man, who in addition to these explicit crimes, threatened to kill her. From October 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008, the woman was used for her body. How disgusting. I get sickened […]

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