Front Sight Mailbag: Excellent Gun Instructor

Dear Dr. Piazza, My Range Master, Bob Villa, was an excellent instructor. This was the first time holding a rifle and the training team brought me up to speed quickly. What I appreciated about the course was all the information given. In retrospect the only thing that would have improved my situation would have been […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: About Alaska

Dear Dr. Piazza, I attended two private courses: a hand gun course and a rifle course. I found them both to be thorough, safe, considerate, knowledgeable, and informative. My goals were to familiarize myself with my equipment to maximize safety, accuracy, and handling malfunctions. I feel that my goals were accomplished, but the courses did […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: A Wonderful Experience

Dear Dr. Piazza, My husband and I attended a 2-day private training class. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience. We trained with rifles on day 1 and for a couple hours on day 2 then switched to handgun. The instructors were very professional and attentive […]

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Front Sight’s Thank You for All Veterans and Their Families

Most of you do not know that a decorated WWII Marine who saw action on the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima provided the single greatest influence in shaping my interest in firearms. It can be said with total certainty that had he not made the effort to introduce me to the importance of […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Review of M16 2-Day Course

Dear Dr. Piazza, I just took the M16 Select Fire 2 day private course.  My instructor was GREAT!  His experience and knowledge were a great resource. He was able to explain not only what I needed to do for the course, but also why I should be doing what was asked of me.  He was […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: How to Survive a “Situation”

Dear Dr. Piazza, I have been shooting hand guns and long guns all of my adult life, and thought of myself as fairly proficient around weapons and able to defend myself in real life “situation”. What I learned at Front Sight is that I was woefully lacking in several skills and disciplines to survive such a “situation”. I […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: I Was Uncomfortable with My Rifle…

Dear Dr. Piazza, The skills I received from this 4 day class were amazing, I went from feeling uncomfortable with my rifle to feeling like it was a part of my body. The staff was very helpful even with our large class size. The Range Masters kept great attitudes even under adverse conditions as they […]

December 7th, 2017 Permalink

Front Sight Mailbag: I was Intimidated…

Dear Dr. Piazza, I had a ton of fun at Front Sight! Though I have experience shooting rifles and handguns, I was still intimidated. However, once onsite and the course began, I felt comfortable because the instructors were/are knowledgeable, friendly and patient – which is huge because I am a newbie with all of this! […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: AR-15 Instruction

Dear Dr. Piazza, The instructors for this course were simply outstanding.  They were very patient, respectful, and knowledgeable.  The very specific and timely feedback allowed me to develop from only having fired an AR15 five times, to doing quite well.  The course was safe, controlled, fun, and developed my skills tremendously. Joseph S

March 3rd, 2017 Permalink

With 25 New Ranges nearing completion Front Sight just hired 3 instructors and is looking for 100 more!

2017 is turning out to be another amazing year for Front Sight. We just keep getting bigger, stronger, and more successful. Here’s one of the brand new videos we just placed on Front Sight TV to give you an update on the construction that is now in full swing at Front Sight. Watch it and […]

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