Cowards as Cops in Florida and the Gun Grabbers Demand You Turn in Your Guns? Ben Shapiro Let’s Them Have It… Pass it on

So many of these mass shootings seem like they are made to order just for the gun grabbers to demand we turn in our weapons. The recent Florida school shooting is another example. Check out Ben Shapiro as he calls out the four, coward, armed Sheriff Deputies who stood by and did NOTHING while children […]

March 8th, 2018 Permalink

I just offered President Trump the opportunity to train ALL the teachers at Front Sight free of charge. You can too…

I just e-mailed President Trump applauding him for his interest in arming and training America’s teachers. I was the first to make the demand to arm and train teachers way back in 1999 after the Columbine High School shooting and offered to train all teachers free of charge. We have trained thousands of teachers since […]

March 7th, 2018 Permalink

Front Sight Member Carrying Torch For Us…

Way back on April 21, 1999, the day after the Columbine High School shootings, I was the first person in America to make two very bold statements. The first statement was that the cause of the shootings was not easy access to guns. The cause was psych drugs being prescribed to children and teens. The […]

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Want a More Rewarding Career? Front Sight is Hiring…

2017 was another record-breaking year for us. 2018 is already looking like it will be another “best year ever” for us. We just keep getting bigger, stronger, and more successful. This is a construction progress video of the 25 new ranges that are now operational at Front Sight and the ongoing development of the Front […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Comfortable Bringing my Wife…

Dear Dr. Piazza, All your range officers were extremely helpful and friendly. They ran a very strict range but still were able to make us laugh when a break was needed. This was easily the best training I have received in firearm use and I have been shooting for the last 48 years. My wife and I […]

August 16th, 2017 Permalink

Front Sight Will Train America’s Politicians to Defend Themselves with a Concealed Handgun

Once again, in the aftermath of a mass shooting, there is a call for more gun control and the creation of an even greater police state in Washington, DC. This time the mass shooter didn’t attack a school of helpless children or a movie theater filled with innocent victims. Instead, he choose to shoot up […]

June 15th, 2017 Permalink

Front Sight Mailbag: Bring the Newbies With You

Dear Dr. Piazza, I often bring “newbies” to Front Sight. They usually tell me after the course that they didn’t know what they didn’t know, and were very glad they came. I can’t imagine a better place to become proficient and confident with weapons platforms for defensive purposes. Paul B

May 11th, 2017 Permalink

Front Sight Mailbag: Attended with Daughter

Dear Dr. Piazza, I attended this course with my daughter who is 20 and we had a fabulous time together.  The instruction was superb, made interesting (informative and clear), fascinating (with demonstrations “cold and on demand,” and delivered well), and humorous (plenty of well-timed and appropriate comments to make the point in a winsome way). […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: Bringing our Granddaughter for the Adventure Course

Dear Dr. Piazza, Front Sight courses get a 10 from me. We are hoping to have our 9 year old granddaughter attend the Adventure Course. I know she would love it! Terri B

December 17th, 2016 Permalink

New Front Sight Reality Check (gun training video) Episode #35

I have another NEW Front Sight Reality Check video for you. This Reality Check video clearly demonstrates the importance of having a gun with you at all times.. What would you do here if faced with the same situation? Check it out and decide what you would do… After you watch the video, make sure […]

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