With 25 New Ranges nearing completion Front Sight just hired 3 instructors and is looking for 100 more!

2017 is turning out to be another amazing year for Front Sight. We just keep getting bigger, stronger, and more successful. Here’s one of the brand new videos we just placed on Front Sight TV to give you an update on the construction that is now in full swing at Front Sight. Watch it and […]

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Front Sight Mailbag: 4 Days of Shotgun Training

Dear Dr. Piazza, I do not want to make this too long, but I feel it is important that you know my son has never really been interested or comfortable being around firearms let alone wanting to spend a weekend shooting with me in the desert. He chose the 4-Day Shotgun Course and in 3 […]

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Front Sight is Hiring! Do YOU have the Calling? See our new video to find out…

2016 is turning out to be another amazing year for Front Sight. We just keep getting bigger, stronger, and more successful. Our new development construction continues, and 2016 will once again be another “biggest ever year!” Our historical growth is phenomenal. In fact, in our entire 20 year history we have NEVER laid anybody off […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Every Course is Exemplary

Dear Dr. Piazza, I have attended numerous Front Sight courses in pistol, rifle, and shotgun since May of 1996.  Every course I’ve attended has been exemplary in terms of learning and polishing the skills necessary to be safe, competent, and confident in the use of each type of weapon.  I’ve referred numerous friends to Front […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: No Experience with Tactical Applications…

Dear Dr. Piazza This course gave me exactly what I was looking for.  Although I have been shooting shotgun for sport for many years, I had no experience with tactical applications.  Learning the port load, tactile reload, emergency reload, and select slug procedures coupled with the malfunction clearing methods have given me the tools I […]

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NEW Front Sight Training Article #16

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard the embarrassing comments made by Vice President Joe Biden back in 2013 regarding warning shots. To summarize, he suggests that when things get ugly, you should take a double-barreled shotgun out onto the balcony and fire two “blasts.” The bad guys will run away. Okie dokie!

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Talking to Family and Friends about Shotgun Course…

Dear Dr. Piazzi, I have already talked to a number of friends and family about this shotgun course.  It is fairly physical due to the weight of the gun and ammunition.  Quite a few friends of mine assume that propping up a shotgun in the corner of the room with some buckshot makes them ready […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Shotgun Class Review…

Dear Dr. Piazza, I took the Two-Day Advanced Tactical Shotgun class and had a ball.  It was one of the best I have attended at Front Sight. David C

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Front Sight Blog: We will train you Josephine

My New Year’s Resolution is to be as pro-active as possible in spreading the truth about the importance of our cherished Second Amendment, while exposing the liars, whores and thieves who conspire to strip us of our freedoms, and to continue to provide you and the rest of America with the absolute greatest opportunities to […]

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Front Sight’s Friday Blog: How NOT to Handle a Shotgun

Want to know WHY we do what we do? Because there are very few REAL experts in the field of firearms training and the Internet is a very big place. Watch this “training” video and see how NOT to handle a shotgun. Share this e-mail with your family and friends so they don’t make the […]

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