Free DVD Recipient Response

Dr. Piazza, Great reports. I’ve enjoyed reading everything you have sent me, and loved the DVD I received in the mail. I’ve been into firearms since I can remember. My older cousins have taken me shooting with them since I was very young, and I have just obtained my Concealed Weapons Permit from the State […]

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Actually, Naish reads all his mail

Dr. Piazza, First, I understand that this email may not go directly to you, so to whomever may read this, My name is Alex… I have no particular reason to be responding to this, as I am not in law enforcement (yet), I am not in the military. Hell, for the most part, I don’t […]

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Free Gun Training Reports – Response

Dr. Piazza, I have received the first two newsletters and your facility and  course selection sounds very appealing.  I am currently employed  outside of the US and look forward to coming back by the end of the  year.  I think your training course in defensive handgun would be  terrific for my wife and I to […]

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Free Lifetime Scholarships for VT students – response from mail bag

Dear Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I just wanted to say I think its fantastic that your organization has offered free lifetime scholarships to those students involved in the horrific shooting. Your quick action, press releases, and generosity demonstrate that Front Sight is the real deal and truly believes that America must take self defense seriously. Thanks […]

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Gun Training Reports Subscriber Responds

Dr. Piazza, I have already received my First Family Life Membership card and the letter to bring to get my Glock and associated gear. I will be faxing my enrollment form later today for my first course of which I plan to take the four day defensive handgun. I really enjoyed all of the training […]

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Front Sight Mail Bag: Professor Librescu Scholarship Response

Ever since I took a two day hand gun course at Front Sight, I have always had great appreciation for the high quality of the instruction offered there. But, when I learned that Dr. Piazza was granting Lifetime Memberships to the students at Virginia Tech who were in Professor Librescu’s class on that terrible day, […]

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2nd amendment Point Man

Arming the Teachers Dr. Piazza, The position you have assumed is that of Point Man, as a Vietnam Veteran I have a firm grasp on the significance of role the person on the Point plays. America has no greater resource than our youth. Why not provide whatever tools and or training necessary to those educators […]

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Useful Firearms Training Tips

Dr. Piazza, I really enjoy the reports so far. Lots of good info. Tips I can use in my training routine. Thank You, Rick

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fear and fascination of guns – how to overcome

Dear Dr. Piazza, My girlfriend and I have been subscribing to your weekly gun training reports and tips and we’re convinced that we need to attend one of your Front Sight Courses. We’ve recently been introduced to firearms, buying two .22 rifles, joining a friend of ours from the local gunshop up at the range, […]

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Weapons Training Officer Responds

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, I have been receiving the reports sent by frontsight, and have enjoyed them. I have also received the dvd. I am a  Weapons Training Officer for a large NYS agency. I have encouraged my junior instructors to also visit your website.I’m a firm believer that I can learn and should new tools […]

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