Is tomorrow the darkest day in American history or will President Trump save the Republic minutes before Biden’s Inauguration?

Yesterday, First Lady Melania Trump gave her farewell address to America. Today, President Donald Trump gave his farewell address. Today, Sidney Powell who threatened to “Release the Kraken” on all the foreign interference and voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, dismissed her lawsuit against the State of Georgia. Is this the end of the […]

January 19th, 2021 Permalink

TrumpsArmy.US will NOT be needed. All Patriots STAY HOME, OFF THE STREETS, and OUT OF THE WAY of what is going down…

I have heard from several sources today that TrumpsArmy.US will NOT be needed. I have also been told to tell all patriots to STAY HOME, OFF THE STREETS, and OUT OF THE WAY of what is going down. That begs the question, “What is going down?” MORE military build-up of Washington DC with more troops, […]

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Want a REAL “insider” to tell you what is happening? Grab your pillow…

Everybody wants to know what is real, what is speculation, what is disinformation as we are three days away from Inauguration Day. Does President Trump have a secret plan to save the Republic? Will Biden, Harris, Pence, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton, etc. get arrested and President Trump sworn in? Is President Trump just going to fly […]

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What is REALLY happening in Washington DC? We are NOT preparing for an “Inauguration.” Look at the evidence…

WHAT is REALLY going on in Washington DC? 25,000 troops are currently in DC. This is four times more than the number of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq combined! 5,000 more are expected to arrive in the next few days. Barricades and armored checkpoints are everywhere in DC. All of this for the anticipated civil […]

January 16th, 2021 Permalink

Lots of BIG News Today. NRA files bankruptcy, Trump now has intel on OsamaGate, and MUCH MORE…

Today was one of those days where there is a lot of important news to report on varied topics. So there is no “theme” for this blog, just the information. The biggest, Make America Great Again News is OsamaGate, Yes, you read it right. Regarding the Capitol Siege of January 6, there is more evidence, […]

January 15th, 2021 Permalink

Let’s not forget what happened and why Trump has a RIGHT to FIGHT…

With everything that has happened in the last week to take attention off the most massive theft of an election in American history, let’s not forget what happened, who did it, and who is ultimately responsible for EVERYTHING that has happened since the wee hours of November 4. Despite what the Left Wing Media and […]

January 14th, 2021 Permalink

House of Representatives helps us identify Traitors of Free Speech with today’s Impeachment Vote, PLUS Marines tell Nancy NO with DC National Guard at 20,000…

Today was a dark day in US history. MUCH darker than January 6, 2021. Today, people who should know better, demonstrated a complete disregard for one of our most cherished rights, Freedom of Speech. By impeaching President Trump, these traitors to the US Constitution committed their travesty for petty, political and personal reasons, knowing full […]

January 14th, 2021 Permalink

Deep State Lies. It’s not “conspiracy theory” when you have this type of evidence. It’s more Deep State Crime on Americans…

The theme of today’s blog is DEEP STATE LIES. Let’s start by revisiting China Mitch McConnell and Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s desperate Deep State efforts to impeach President Trump over their claims he incited the breach of the Capitol building on January 6. Never mind that the Deep State Corruptocrats were SILENT for MONTHS while BLM […]

January 12th, 2021 Permalink

Poetic Justice…

The theme of today’s blog is Poetic Justice. You will understand as I lay it all out for you. No pun intended. Yesterday I received a copy of a tweet from President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani… I did not share the tweet with you yesterday because it was removed as soon as it was posted […]

January 12th, 2021 Permalink

Corruptocrats Desperately Moving to Impeach Trump ahead of Something BIG that is HAPPENING…

I love President Donald Trump. NO APOLOGIES to anyone. WHY? Because he is a warrior who loves us, loves our country, and loves ALL that makes America great. Did you ever see Obama, or Bush Senior or Junior, or Clinton or even Reagan speak to you like this… Literally brings tears to my eyes. Trump’s […]

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