Women: How to pick a Handgun

January 12th, 2008  

Dr. Piazza,I love your articles and information…My husband and I just became proud firearm owners and it’s interesting to have knowledgeable people such as yourself to learn more about this….We have been practicing regularly at local area shooting ranges, and are getting better. We purchased these guns for protection for our business and our home & family….it’s amazing to me, personally, that I would ever consider using a firearm, as I was always terrified of them. However, in today’s world, I think they are a necessary feature of safety and security. And, I am grateful that you have this wonderful program and information available for us newbies…I am just wondering….I currently own a 9mm and am wondering if there is a particular firearm that most women feel comfortable with. I did try a .25 caliber, but the trigger seemed difficult to handle. I always thought it would be easier to handle a smaller gun, and I am having some difficulty with the 9mm slide so I’m wondering if perhaps a revolver would be better? I guess it’s personal preference, and I just wonder if there is a general consensus amongst women as to a comfortable fit…or if perhaps there is a guide to a comfortable fit…

It seems like the kick on the gun is not so bad, however, it becomes heavy after several rounds of shooting…I think that’s another issue…I feel as if I’m not hitting my target because of the weight? Would I be better off with a lighter gun, or just working with this for longer periods to become accustomed to it?

Thanks for your response, I look forward to seeing more Front Sight information and thank you for your valuable information.



Thank you for your kind words and support.

Your question is one I receive regularly from women.

If you attended a course at Front Sight and did not have a gun we would rent you a 9mm Glock. Why? Because it is the easiest gun to shoot well.

After four days of training with us, you would have not problem operating the gun and hitting your target with ease. So I would recommend a Glock for you.

A smaller caliber, lighter gun is not the answer for self defense. You want at least a 9mm (and larger would be better) should you ever need to shoot the weapon to defend your life.

It really comes down to getting the proper training so you can pick up any handgun and use it well.

Front Sight will do that for you.

If you cannot make it to a course immediately, do the next best thing and secure our Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Manual. You can find the link for it on our website at www.frontsight.com.

I hope to see you at Front Sight soon.


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