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February 1st, 2008  

Dr. Piazza;

I very recently took the Front Sight “quiz” and have been getting the follow up emails/training reports from you.

Very interesting reading so far.

I haven’t received the DVD yet, but I am looking forward to absorbing it.

I do have a question, and I would appreciate a response, if you are so inclined.

I got the question (on the quiz) re where the best place to “wear” a concealed weapon is . correct . as I have heard that wearing inside one’s waistband is best, several times before.

I have also been told that if you feel it is awkward, then wear the rig 24/7 other than actually sleep time . and in a few days you will feel uncomfortable without it.

I have no idea though, what type of holster and belt is appropriate for this setup . nor where to position the holster . as wherever I do place the rig with my current holster, it just doesn’t seem “right”.

I have carried both of my .357 revolvers and my .45 Combat Commander (not at the same time 🙂 ) . yes I do have my carry permit . and although I would like to carry the Colt more often . it is by far the bulkiest package I have.

I realize I need to change . but have never discussed this at a gun shop, and feel that a discussion of this in a police station would be out of place

So . without asking you to give away “secrets” from your courses (as in the quiz you noted a .45 in the waistband is the best way to go) what holster/belt combination is recommended by Front Sight?

John M.
Fellsmere, FL


We recommend whatever is comfortable and secured by the belt and is worn slightly behind the point of the hip.

I personally like the leather, executive model my Milt Sparks holsters.


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Ignatius Piazza
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