Frequently Asked Questions About Front Sight’s 5 for 1 Challenge Lifetime Memberships…

August 9th, 2008  

Ever since Pastor Tom Willcox of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Sharon, PA requested my help, resulting in me sending you the opportunity to help protect YOUR place of worship in exchange for Front Sight rewarding YOU with a $6,900 Challenge Lifetime Membership for Zero, Zip, Nada (that means for nothing) the phone has been ringing day and night with people calling and saying, “Sign me up for the 5 for 1 Challenge Memberships!”

We are also receiving a few questions over and over again so let me answer the most Frequently Asked Questions for you.

Question: What do I do if my state law forbids me from carrying a gun into a place of worship?

Answer: I believe the owner (pastor, board of directors, congregation) of the building (place of worship) has the right to be armed when inside their own building or on their property. Much like a homeowner or business owner has the right to be armed when inside their home, place of business or on their own property, your place of worship can designate an armed security team to protect the premises.

I believe the way this would work is for the security team (members of the place of worship) to arrive for services early, secure weapons from a safe inside the premises, and carry them concealed while services are taking place. When services are over, the armed security team returns the weapons to the safe inside their place of worship.

(Of course you will need to consult legal counsel in your state before implementing this procedure to make sure you are complying with the law. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…)

Question: Is the single payment price of $4,900 for each membership or is $4,900 for a total of five memberships?

Answer: The single payment price is only $4,900 for a TOTAL of five memberships. You purchase 4 at a total single payment price $4,900 to give to your pastor and members of your place of worship and I give your membership (the 5th membership) to you as a gift for your philanthropy.

(This is a savings of over $29,600 off our regular price for five Challenge memberships and is my way of helping you arm and train your pastor and members of your place of worship.)

Question: Have you reached the first 100 memberships given away?

Answer: Not yet, but we are approaching it quickly so hurry up because if you are in the first 100 to take advantage of this opportunity, you get another Challenge membership, plus a Patriot membership, plus a private day of training ($12,800 in value) as a bonus to give to anyone you wish!

Again, this offer is to REWARD you for providing our very valuable memberships to members of your own place of worship who need the training to protect the entire congregation against church attacks that we have recently seen.

PLUS the $12,800 in additional bonuses for those who respond quickly actually allow you to end up with 7
memberships plus a day of private training with our Front Sight Range Masters!

I cut the price of the memberships over 80% so you can purchase 4 memberships to give away, and then I reward YOU for your philanthropic ways, by giving you YOUR OWN membership at no charge…PLUS $12,800 in fabulous bonuses that include two additional memberships plus a day of private training with our Range Masters!

This way it’s really much better than a 5 for 1 offer and believe me, you will feel great when you help those who need it but can’t afford it.

Go to for all the details.

Remember, this amazing offer expires at Midnight, on Tuesday, August 19 or when the last challenge membership I have set aside is given away– whichever comes first…

Don’t delay. The $12,800 in Extra Bonuses are Very Limited and already going fast– and will likely be gone well BEFORE the Midnight, August 19 Deadline so jump on this today– before all the bonus memberships are gone!

Please realize this e-mail is being read by over 100,000 people and I just sent the offer out in a press release to the national newswire with the title “Front Sight Has Pastors Packin’ Heat” so don’t hesitate or you will miss out.

Again, go to for all the details and Rapid Enrollment Form.

(If you cannot click on these links to open them, copy and paste them into your Internet Browser to open the sites.)

I look forward to seeing you in a course and as a member soon.

Send this offer to everyone you know!
Post it on every freedom loving chat room and forum!
Spread it among your congregation!
You have three weeks to spread this around so every Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, and Minister can receive what they need and deserve.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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