Truth in Gun Training Report #10

September 5th, 2008  

Dr. Piazza,

I have been a fan of Front Sight ever since I took the free 1 day sub machine gun course at your facility back in 2003.  I have never felt the need to contact you before but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the truth that you are telling in report #10.

Let me give you my background.  I was in the Army for 10 years.  A light infantry scout for 6 of those years.  I qualified expert with every light weapon in the US inventory at that time ( M-16, Pistol, (1911 and 9mm), M203, M-60, M-249, and grenade) and I was a Light Weapons Specialist and designated marksmen for my unit.

In all those years I never heard anyone talk about how you should EXPECT to be hit in a gun fight.

Aside from firearms I also studied Ken-Jitsu for almost 7 years. ( Ken-Jitsu is the combat form of Kendo.) One of the first things my instructor told me was “no matter how good you are with your blade your opponent will at some point in time cut you,  It is how you react after you have been cut that will determine whether you live or die!”

This was also taught in the small edged weapon training that I took.  Their philosophy was “Knife fights are bloody affairs, for both participants.  If you enter the fight understanding that you are going to be cut, you have the advantage.  You can then control where you are cut and in some instances intentionally take a cut in a non vital area in order to position your opponent’s blade away from your vital areas and give you clear access towards his.”

Thank you for bringing this information to the forefront in your class.

I think that its better to inform people of the realities of a gunfight rather than let them discover it on their own and at the worst possible time.

Erik D.

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Ignatius Piazza
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