Ignatius Piazza: Where Has Our Ammo Gone?

March 23rd, 2009  

I want to thank all of you for sending me your interesting comments, videos, pictures, and links to topics that have some relationship to gun ownership, firearms training, or the Second Amendment.

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This week I am addressing the issues surrounding what appears to be an ammunition shortage in our country and providing you with my prediction of what is to come…

First, let’s put the current ammunition shortage into perspective.

What is currently happening ACROSS THE COUNTRY at every gun shop, sporting goods store, gun show, and with every Internet ammo supplier is nothing more than an ammunition buying frenzy that has surpassed the normal production capabilities of the current ammunition manufacturers and distributors.

I do not believe, as I have seen no CREDIBLE evidence, that there is a CURRENTLY a conspiracy by the Federal Government or the United Nations or anyone else to slow or stop the production and distribution of ammunition in the United States.

Just as you could walk down to your local hardware store and purchase a generator on any day of the week a few months prior to Y2K, if you tried to make a purchase two weeks before Y2K there was not a single generator in any hardware store and all of the manufacturers had sold out their production. There was no government conspiracy to prevent people from having a generator, there was just a buying demand that exceeding manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

The generator manufacturers and distributors were simply not able to keep up the demand during that generator buying frenzy in the last weeks prior to Y2K.

The same thing happened to MRE’s (military Meals Ready to Eat) and bottled water in the weeks before Y2K.

So what has caused the current ammunition buying frenzy?

The same thing that caused the Y2K frenzy. FEAR.

People are afraid the current government is conspiring to eliminate our ability to use guns to defend ourselves by drying up the ammunition supplies.

Where did the American people get this idea?

From legislation introduced in various states to require micro-stamping of bullets and cartridge cases of new ammo and the banning or confiscation of any ammo not fulfilling the requirement, in addition to the election of Barrack Obama who has a voting record of supporting such legislation.

Well, I have not jumped in on this topic (even though I receive e-mail every day asking me to spread the fear far and wide) because there is no reason to create hysteria over legislation that is introduced but has no co-sponsor, is not feasible to enact, has not reached committee for discussion, and is not widely supported by either party.

Any idiot (and there are plenty of them in the legislative branch of our government) can introduce a bill. Fortunately, it takes many checks and balances to make it a law. I do not want to participate in circulating these wild hare bills as predictable fact, which causes the frenzy you saw during Y2K and is now causing the current gun and ammunition buying frenzy.

Now don’t get me wrong… I think it is GREAT that people who never thought about getting a gun and a box of ammunition are going down to their local gun shop or sporting goods store trying to get stocked up.

And I think it is great if you are buying up as many guns and ammunition as you think you will need for the rest of your life.

(Yes, I still have a year’s supply of now outdated MRE’s and bottled water from Y2K.)

Unfortunately, America’s fear of their own government has created a gun and ammunition buying frenzy that is exceeding the current ammunition manufacturing and distribution capabilities of the ammo suppliers, which prevents thousands of people each day from purchasing their FIRST gun and box of ammunition.

My prediction is that this shortage, due to the current buying frenzy, will soon pass and you will be able to find ammo on the shelves of your local gun shops and sporting goods stores, or order cases of ammo from your favorite Internet ammo supplier.

Hang in there.

If you want some confirmation from the mainstream media, watch this video:

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Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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