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May 18th, 2009  

Some states allow concealed carry of a weapon. Others, such as Illinois, do not allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon. Last week, a man was arrested for carrying a knife without a CCW Permit (a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit) and waving it around, threatening people around him. He allegedly told people he would “stab anyone who messed with him.” What would you do if someone threatened you with a knife? Would you know how to handle it? Would you be able to disarm your attacker, or would you retreat in a way that would put you at risk? If you do not know what you would do, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute can help you learn how to handle an attack. If you know exactly how you would handle the situation, Front Sight can help you perfect your self defense techniques to increase your chances of survival in any situation.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute was founded by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, also known as the Millionaire Patriot in April of 1996. Dr. Ignatius Piazza had a goal to get everyone possible armed and trained, so that the world could be a safer place. Front Sight is a place where gun control supporters and firearms fearing citizens can bond with even the most avid of gun enthusiasts and Second Amendment supporters. It is a place where differences of opinion are dropped, with this one purpose in mind: to save lives. With Dr. Ignatius Piazza heading up the gun training school and his specially selected team of firearms training instructors, other weapons training instructors and self defense training instructors, Front Sight offers self defense firearms training, competition firearms training, combat gun training, edged weapons training and empty hands self defense training that can’t be beat by any other firearms training school in the world. As a student of Front Sight, you can choose between pistol training, revolver training, automatic weapons training, rifle training, shotgun training, gun safety training, firearms training for women, firearms training for teens, night gun training, CCW Permit training, knife training, rappelling training, martial arts training, child safety training, youth safety training and other self defense training classes. Whether you are choosing weapons training or weapons free self defense training, Front Sight will astound you with how much you will learn. Actually, after your first self defense gun training course, competitive gun training course or combat firearms training course, you will have firearms handling skills that will outshine all of your gun shooting friends – you will have a greater shooting ability than ninety nine percent of the gun owning population (even people who use guns for a living)! When it comes to the gun world, you will be on top!

No matter what weapon you want to learn how to use – whether you want to learn how to use a gun, how to handle a knife or how to use your own body as a weapon – Dr. Ignatius Piazza can help you reach your self defense training goals!

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