‘Thank Yous’ for 9/12 email

September 28th, 2009  

Dr. Piazza,

I was at the DC event with my wife, who is wheelchair bound.  We were in the parade from the Freedom Plaza to the Capitol.  The parade started 1 hour early because the crowd had no where to congregate and was clogging the adjacent streets.

My wife and I were part of history that day.  We were able to witness the peaceful demonstration of over a million like-minded people.  We will never forget it.

We will also not forget the reporting of those who were not there and who labeled all of us racists.  We are citizens who believe the government is out of control and our personal freedoms are at risk.

We rely on people like you to carry the message in a much louder way–and you do.

Thank you
Jamie and Joe F.



Where did that come from? I have yet to see anything related to either you or Front Site that has the least indication of racism.


I’m so tired of people who disagree with someones position or policies playing the ‘race card’ or using some form of ‘reverse discrimination’ to try and negate a message. I think that these people are plainly ignorant and need to stop name-calling to try and make their statements. Plain language to make a point to state their position would certainly be better than all this mudslinging labels at people they disagree with. The problem is I guess that the logic to make their point escapes them, so they resort to schoolyard tactics.

Stand tall, Ignatius, and stay above those crabs who would try and pull you back into the basket!



Dr. Piazza,

I just want to say that I applaud the fact that you are willing to thank people in such a tangible way.

Sadly, I don’t qualify for the offer as I was on vacation far away on the 12th. In addition, as much as I would like to join my voice  with these folks, with my job it wouldn’t be a good idea to become too vocal on such things… much as I hate to have to say that in my own country.

I hope to be able to join you at Front Sight sometime soon,

Mark H.


Dr. Piazza,

It amazes me that if you disagree with the current administration you are a racist. I don’t like the fact that Obama is our President. It has nothing to do with his skin color but his policies. But yet, I am a possible “home grown terrorist” (white male, anti-abortion, pro-gun christian) because I am a conservative.

A good friend of mine was there on 9/12 and he said it was by far the largest crowd he has ever seen, and also the most passionate but peaceful. He said the streets were cleaner when they left than when they arrived. It is a shame that the mainstream press downplayed it so badly. I had to work that weekend but would have loved to attend.

Jerry K


Dr. Piazza,

Your 9/12 email was inspirational, informative, accurate, and had absolutely zero racism whatsoever.

Keep up the great work.

William D.
Front Sight Graduate


Dr. Piazza,

Calling people racist is one of  the tactics now in full force by the left-wing socialist idiots who try to intimidate and ridicule anyone who disagrees with them.  It is STUPID, transparent, and idiotic…

I’m happy you don’t jump to the bait.

You are truly an American Patriot.

Denne H.


Dr. Piazza,

I guess you are a racist in the manner of G. Washington, B. Franklin, P. Revere and other patriots. Calling someone racist is what the liberal gun grabbers resort to when they have no logical reason for their distorted views.

Thank you and congratulations for irritating the ones who would have us all be slaves to the elite.

Thanks for being a Patriot,
Richard M.


Dr. Piazza,

You are a GREAT American.

I just weep for my country!

Dana D.
Captain, United Airlines Inc., retired

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Ignatius Piazza
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