Ignatius Piazza: Here’s to the Coffee Girl…

February 21st, 2010  

Coffee Girl VideoEvery now and then an unlikely hero emerges to positively represent gun owners without ever firing a shot.

I do not drink coffee, but I’m going to raise a glass of hot chocolate and toast the “Coffee Girl” for showing America that a gun in the hands of a rational and reasonable citizen not only stops property crime, but saves lives without ever firing a shot.

Watch this great video, then see my comments below along with my reward to the “Coffee Girl” for doing everything right…

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Now some of you are going to say, she should have drawn her gun and shot the robber immediately because he had the ability (gun) to hurt her, he had opportunity (proximity) to hurt her, and he had the intent (armed robbery) to hurt her.

Yet, from her interaction with the robber she believed he did not want to hurt her and that there was no reason to unnecessarily escalate the situation into a gun battle when she could calmly handle the problem.

When she had her opportunity to act, she did, and without firing a shot, stopped the crime.

Could she have drawn her gun at any time and justifiably shot? Yes, but she correctly recognized that such actions were not needed and in doing so demonstrates for all the world to see, how responsible and rational gun-owning citizens stop crime and save lives without killing anyone.

Had her robber been a more hardened, threatening, career criminal would it have been appropriate to immediately draw her weapon and shoot? Absolutely, but her robber was not a hardened, career criminal. He was a 17 year old who did not have the will to kill. As a result of the “Coffee Girl” calmly making the right judgments and actions, they are both still alive and uninjured.

Remember, in a gun fight you risk everything and don’t win anything–you just get to keep what you have. So only use a gun to defend yourself when you are clearly in fear of immediate injury or death.

Will you know when you are in fear of immediate injury or death? Yes, you will know.

If you have to think about whether or not you should shoot, you probably shouldn’t shoot. Why? Because when you are in fear of your life, you won’t have the time to think about it. You will be acting (or reacting) to defend yourself against an immediate and real threat.

In such a situation, you will only be half as good as you are on your best day on the firing range simply from the stress of a true, lethal encounter so make sure you train to the highest standards possible and train regularly.

If you know who this “Coffee Girl” is, please have her contact me. I have a Four Day Defensive Handgun Course waiting for her and her husband as a gift from Front Sight for her job well done!

And if you don’t yet have a gun and the mindset to handle yourself properly in any situation involving a firearm, then get a Springfield Armory XD Pistol at no charge when you take advantage of the Greatest Course, Gun, and CCW Permit Offer in the firearms training industry see this link:


I post a different article on this blog each Monday so I look forward to your visit every week.

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If you don’t yet have a gun, then get a Springfield Armory XD Pistol at no charge when you take advantage of the Greatest Course, Gun, and CCW Permit Offer in the firearms training industry see this link: https://www.frontsight.com/free-gun.asp

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