Front Sight Mail Bag: Hope is Not a Plan

July 13th, 2010  

Dr. Piazza,

I live in a suburb near Cleveland and must say that I am embarrassed by the detective’s advice.

Recently, in or near the town where I live, a young assailant was shot and killed when he drew a handgun on one of the police officers summoned to investigate someone breaking into automobiles. The alleged criminal produced a handgun when challenged by the police and was shot and killed. He made a very sad choice and if he had not been confronted by a police officer but instead by an unarmed citizen, I fear the result would have been more tragic for the citizen, not the robber.

Perhaps a month later, in a local movie theater near where I live, two young males from Cleveland attacked several patrons in a movie theater,  in a robbery attempt during the showing of a movie one evening. Five people — who apparently were attempting to comply with the demands of these two attackers — were struck in the head with a heavy weapon and all five were hospitalized, some in very serious condition though none was killed.

I joined as a Front Sight Lifetime Member not long ago, and last February 11th attended Front Sight’s 4 day Defensive Handgun course. I have had a concealed carry permit for almost 5 years and carry whenever and wherever I can. The lessons I learned at the course totally reinforced my view that the odds of giving into a criminal threatening bodily harm to one if that victim does not give in to the assailant’s demands are not at all good. I disagree with the detective that hoping the criminal decides not to kill a victim is the way to address being attacked in this manner. Hope is not a plan. Front Sight is a plan and makes executing that plan a reality.

I will be returning to attend another course soon and look forward to learning even more about taking care of myself and my family.

Ronald F.

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Ignatius Piazza
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