Front Sight’s Monday Blog: SWAT Team Leader Humbly Exposes the Truth…

November 22nd, 2010  

When I create an ad that says, “Learn How to Shoot Faster and More Accurately than a SWAT Cop!” what do you think? Is it the truth or marketing hype?

Well, what you are about to read below describes what happens routinely at Front Sight, but you will rarely ever see the type of letter I am sharing with you today.

WHY is it so rare to see such a letter, when Front Sight trains tens of thousands of students every year to shoot faster and more accurate that an SWAT Cop?

Read the letter below and you will understand. You will then also understand WHY I am launching my Greatest Reward EVER for those who forward this e-mail to everyone they know…

Please understand it takes a law enforcement professional of integrity and responsibility to write such a letter–one who strongly believes that the strength of America lies in the hands of her armed and trained citizens.

Because he humbly exposed the truth about Front Sight’s training, I am going to reward him, every member of his department and every American citizen with an opportunity I have never provided before!


So read Sgt. Chris Gebhart’s letter and then see my Greatest Reward EVER so YOU TOO can truly learn to shoot faster and more accurately than a SWAT Cop…

Greetings Dr. Piazza,

I recently attended your Four Day Defensive Handgun course.

I am a Police Sergeant and a Team Leader on a multi-jurisdictional SWAT Team. It is this last point that brings me to write to you today.

For the past year, I have been the training coordinator for the SWAT Team. It has been my responsibility to not only identify 10 hours of training a month for our Team, but often, to teach that training as well.

After my experience with Front Sight, I thought some range time would be in order for our Team. I created several standard drills for these experienced SWAT Operators including room entries to hostage situations requiring a head shot. Like I said, these are experienced Operators. I should not have to show them anything. This is what they are paid to do. Wow, was I (and they) surprised at their skill level.

I personally shot the same drills with the Operators and the differences between their performance and mine was amazing.

They were counting shots anywhere on the head while I only allowed myself to count my shots if they landed on a 2″x2″ Post-It note a put on the target. And I didn’t miss!

I could not have done this without the training provided by Front Sight. I thought I knew how to shoot before attending Front Sight. Well, nothing could have been farther from the truth.

I took one of the Operators aside and talked with him about Front Sight. I showed him the shooting grip taught at Front Sight. I even had him hold the firearm with all his fingers extended so he just had a push/pull “grip” on the weapon as taught at Front Sight. He then was making 1″ groupings from the 5 yard line whereas before he was at about 7″. The expression on his face was priceless. He was in disbelief that he could make these 1″ group shots and also pissed that no one in his career had showed him how to shoot accurately!

I am writing to you today for two reasons.

First, I wanted you to know the impact Front Sight had on me personally and professionally as a shooter. I am indebted to your superior training. Please feel free to share my story with others. If this 20 year law enforcement officer can learn something and improve my stalwart ways, anyone can.

Second, would you have someone in your sales division contact me regarding my entire Team of 25 Operators attending a Front Sight course. I’d like to get some pricing from them so I can begin the planning process (and grant funding process) to bring them all through Front Sight. We owe it to our Citizens.

Again, thank you for your dedication to the United States of America.

An educated, armed Citizenry should not be feared.

Sgt. Chris Gebhardt

Thank you Sgt. Gebhardt.

For your humble acknowledgment in exposing the truth about Front Sight’s superior training, I am going to reward you, your entire department, law enforcement officers everywhere and each American citizen who wants to learn to “Shoot Faster and More Accurately Than a SWAT Cop” with MY GREATEST REWARD EVER…


I’m extremely happy to provide this amazing, unbelievable and unprecedented offer to you because it once again proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Front Sight Organization is more than just a commercial entity in the business of firearms training. We live our stated purpose to positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes by training responsible Americans to levels of firearms expertise that exceed law enforcement and military standards.

As those who have watched us grow from 10 students in our first, Two Day Defensive Handgun course way back in April of 1996 to now training THOUSANDS of citizens each and every month will attest, Front Sight lives and breathes our stated purpose and we have proven it over and over again with all the amazing offers we have provided in the last 14 years.

THIS offer is truly the greatest training opportunity I have ever provided and is the greatest single step to date toward positively changing the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes, because it makes Front Sight’s training available to anyone who wants it.

Yes, this amazing offer can be yours and can also be available for every member of your family and all your friends, but you must respond immediately to take advantage of it.

Now before I provide all the details of this most amazing, unbelievable and unprecedented offer in the history of the firearms training industry, please allow me to make a few important points perfectly clear:

  1. You only have one shot at this. I will be watching the response very closely. Because this is such an unbelievable offer I expect it will go viral throughout the firearms community and get millions of views. Those who want the very best in firearms training for themselves, their family and friends will immediately respond to take advantage of it and be very glad they did. As this happens, and the total number of fortunate individuals who act immediately matches the number of offers I have set aside, I will close out the offer by removing this link and shutting down the registration page. So do not hesitate or procrastinate because this offer can close out at any time.
  2. You will be asking yourself, “WHY is Dr. Piazza doing this?” Front Sight is doing this simply to make our training more accessible to you, your family and friends so we can positively change the image of gun ownership and restore the Second Amendment in our lifetimes. Get on board with us. Get yourself trained. Get your family trained and be part of the thousands who leave Front Sight every month positively changed with the Comfort of Skill at Arms and go back to their respective communities across the country, as walking, talking representatives of what gun ownership and the Second Amendment is all about. Be a part of Front Sight’s amazing growth and impact. I want YOU to be a part of our organization and I am making it irresistible for you to do so.
  3. You will be asking yourself “HOW can Dr. Piazza do this?” I’ve been nicknamed the “Millionaire Patriot” by the hundreds of thousands of students Front Sight has trained over the years because I have provided tens of millions of dollars in free and discounted training so that good people– responsible Americans– can have a level of skill at arms that exceeds that of our own military and law enforcement communities. I believe to my core that the armed and expertly trained citizen is the backbone of our country. I can make this offer because we have the facility to do so and each and every member of the Front Sight Organization feels the same way I do about the importance of training you and your family. We also know that once you experience the professionalism of Front Sight’s stellar staff, the outstanding curriculum, and the compassionate and caring manner in which we treat you and your family, you will want to return for all of our courses. We look at you as a lifetime student and therefore can provide an amazing, unbelievable and unprecedented training opportunity to you upfront, knowing that your lifetime of participation with us will return the goodwill ten fold. For 14 years Front Sight has operated in this manner and we have doubled every year, so we know that our goodwill toward you will come back ten fold to us.
  4. What I am offering you is NOT a training manual or a training DVD or an on-line virtual training experience. What I am offering you is Front Sight’s world famous, supervised, intensive, expertly delivered, hands-on firearms training experience over four positively life-changing days! It is EXACTLY the same outstanding training, on the same outstanding facilities, with the same outstanding staff as the training we have provided every weekend to hundreds of thousands of people over the last 14 years. So when you read the amazing, unbelievable, and unprecedented offer below, DO NOT make the mistake of hesitating or procrastinating because it sounds too good to be true or you will be kicking yourself forever when your friends (who did not hesitate to take advantage of it) come home and tell you what you missed. This is real, live, hands-on firearms training over four days that will leave you with gun handling, marksmanship and tactical skills that exceed law enforcement and military standards without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes, SO RESPOND IMMEDIATELY!

Now that you have allowed me to make those points perfectly clear here is the most amazing, unbelievable and unprecedented offer in the history of the firearms training industry…

If you respond immediately, you can attend ANY FRONT SIGHT FOUR DAY COURSE and over four full days of expertly delivered live-fire range drills, live-fire tactical simulators, and extremely interesting, educational and thought-provoking lectures, leave with a level of Skill at Arms that far exceeds law enforcement and military standards.


ANY Front Sight Four Day Course. This includes Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, Submachine Gun, even the Select Fire M16… The same Front Sight Four Day Courses that normally sells for $2,000.

The same Front Sight Four Day Course that starts at 7:30am each day and ends after 6:00pm each day (except on the third evening, which ends two hours AFTER dusk due to low light and night firing exercises), for over 40 hours of expertly supervised, hands-on firearms training that is GREAT for the entire family!

The same Front Sight Four Day Courses that hundreds of thousands of our students rave about and return to Front Sight regularly to attend again, bringing family and friends with them.

The same Front Sight Four Day Courses that Marine Corps officers and SWAT officers (paying their own money) attend to receive a level of training they cannot get in their own departments.

The same Front Sight Four Day Course that is perfect for the entire family because of the caring and compassionate manner in which you are treated by Front Sight’s stellar staff.

The Same Front Sight Four Day Courses for YOU and every member of your family and all your friends IF YOU RESPOND IMMEDIATELY.

So what will ANY $2,000 Four Day Front Sight Course that provides you with over 40 hours of intensive, expertly delivered and supervised training by Front Sight’s stellar staff on Front Sight’s world class facilities, in a caring and compassionate manner, that is great for the entire family going to cost you?

Only $199. I will spell it out so you know it is not a typo… One Hundred Ninety Nine Dollars.

That’s right, only $199. to attend ANY Front Sight Course!

Tell me, where else in the firearms training industry have you ever seen ANYONE offer the masses over 40 hours of intensified, hands-on, expertly delivered and supervised handgun training by the best firearms training instructors in the industry on arguably the best training facilities in the industry, provided in a compassionate and caring manner that is perfect for every member of the family?

(Here is where you are going to do exactly what I said you would do and start talking to yourself, asking WHY is Dr. Piazza doing this? and HOW can Dr. Piazza do this? And while you are asking yourself all these questions, the other 351,698 subscribers to my Gun Training Reports are securing your course for themselves… Quit doubting my intentions and take advantage of the offer before all the courses are grabbed and I have to shut down this page.)

And once you secure your course, it has no expiration date, so you attend it when convenient for you in the future. The only restriction is you must attend the course mid-week, Monday through Thursday.

There is great benefit to attending mid week with hotels having lower rates, flights having lower fares and rental cars being more accessible with lower costs.

So Grab YOUR $199 ANY Front Sight Four Day Course NOW!

So what’s the catch? Honestly there is no catch. I have done my best to try to explain Front Sight’s Purpose and the WHY and HOW of this offer. The fact that we can now offer mid-week courses doubles the training opportunities for our lifetime members and those students who have certificates to attend our courses–and gives you the training opportunity of a lifetime.

If you have ever wanted to gain a level of skill with a handgun that exceeds the levels found in the law enforcement and military community, and you want it delivered in a caring and compassionate manner that is great for your entire family, and you want to save money on travel and lodging in the process by taking advantage of this amazing, unbelievable and unprecedented opportunity to attend over 40 hours of ANY of Front Sight’s Four Day Courses mid-week, Monday through Thursday for a one-time-only offer of $199, and you want to attend right now or in the future when it is convenient for you, THEN RESPOND IMMEDIATELY.

Here is How it Works…

Simply click on this link and it will take you to the registration page where you register, set up your Front Sight account and pay $199 to secure ANY mid-week, Monday through Thursday, FronT Sight Four Day Course.

Upon completing the registration process, you will receive an immediate receipt and confirmation number indicating you have a mid-week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Course on file under your account name with Front Sight.

At any time in the future simply go to our website and use the on-line Course Application process to select the mid-week course date you wish and we will place you in your course and e-mail you your course enrollment confirmation letter.


We now have all of our mid-week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Courses on our 2011 schedule.

So click on this link to secure YOUR mid-week, Monday through Thursday, 40 plus hour, Four Day Courses for only $199.

Have more questions?

OK, Here are Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, but don’t wait too long because this offer will sell out quickly and the page will be taken down immediately.

Here are answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about this amazing offer:

Q. Can I purchase more than one of these mid-week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Courses?
A. Yes, purchase as many as you wish. They are transferable so you can give them to family and friends.

Q. Can I e-mail this offer to others?
A. Yes, please do.

Q. If I purchase the mid-week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Course can I use it at any time in the future?
A. Yes, there is no expiration date on the course once you purchase it.

Q. Are these mid-week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Courses for $199 EXACTLY the same as the Four Day Courses listed on your website and brochure for $2,000?
A. Yes, the very same courses.

Q. Can I trade in other offers I have purchased towards this one?
A. No, this is a stand-alone offer.

Q. What are the hours of these Four Day Courses?
A. They start at 7:30am each day and ends after 6:00pm each day (except on the third evening which ends two hours AFTER dusk due to low light and night firing exercises) for over 40 hours of expertly supervised hands-on firearms training that is GREAT for the entire family!

Q. Is it too physical for elderly or disabled people?
A. We have trained people in their 90’s. As long as you can walk up to the firing line, stand for 10 minutes to shoot and walk back, we will work with you to make sure you do well.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get into the course that I select to attend?
A. Yes, as long as you register for your selected course at least two weeks before the course date, you will be guaranteed a spot in the course.

Q. How do I apply for a course date?
A. After you purchase your course you will receive an immediate on-line receipt for your purchase and we will place a mid-week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Course on file under your account name. You can then return to the on-line application page at any time and enroll in a mid week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Course and we will place you in the course.

Q. Do I receive a confirmation for the course enrollment?
A. Yes, once you complete the on-line Application for Instruction at least two weeks before the course date you select, we will e-mail you a Confirmation Letter.

Q. What is in the Confirmation Letter?
A. Everything you need to know to prepare for the course. See the Confirmation Letter in the Frequently Asked Questions for a copy of the standard confirmation letter we send.

Q. Are there any other costs for the course?
A. There is a $50 criminal background check fee that must be completed on all students, even CCW holders, law enforcement and military personnel. You are also responsible for travel, lodging, food and ammo.

Q. Where is the training located?
A. On our world-class 550-acre firearms training facility near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q. Are there reasonable hotels available?
A. Most students currently stay in one of three hotels in the town of Pahrump, 20 minutes from our training site that provide special rates for our students that range from $35 to $75 per night. See the Hotel List in the Frequently Asked Questions for a list of hotels.

Q. Do we bring our own gun or do you have rentals available?
A. You can bring your own gun, or we rent everything you need for the Four Day Course for only $100.

Q. How do I transport my gun on the airlines?
A. See the Frequently Asked Questions for the easy, proper procedure for Weapon Transportation.

Q. What’s the catch?
A. There is no catch. I know that once you attend a mid-week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Course, you will want to attend everything we offer AND will also tell everyone you know to come to Front Sight. So you will then be helping me positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes even faster by spreading the good word about Front Sight.

Q. What else do I need to know about the offer?
A. There is nothing else to know about the offer. Just take advantage of it. For any other questions that I did not answer here, PLEASE go to Front Sight’s Frequently Asked Questions to get answers to most if not all your questions.

So Don’t Wait Any Longer. This Offer Will Be Gone and THIS LINK will be Deactivated as Soon as the Last Confirmation Receipt is Taken.

Get YOUR mid-week, Monday through Thursday, Four Day Course NOW (and get one for every member of your family too!)

I look forward to Front Sight providing you and your entire family with the Comfort of Skill at Arms!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
P.O. Box 2619
Aptos, CA 95001

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