Front Sight Mail Bag: Kind Response to Free Gun Training Newsletters

December 31st, 2010  

To: Dr. Ignatius Piazza,

I am just one of thousands that you graciously & generously send helpful e-mail self-defense letters to.  For this I Thank You.

Sure, I’m just a name in your computer’s data base, but it was your original thoughtful decision to teach everyone self-defense regardless of whether they can pay the fee or not.   I read your letters more than once and play your “Live Action Videos” to remind me that there is an ever-increasing danger of crime in the world.   Your letters do help to raise the mental alert level and also cause one to vicariously live through the events seen in these videos. (Without getting hit by the bullets…)

You are providing a very useful & valuable public service, as well as being a “Front Line Defender” of the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

May your computer e-mailing list increase into the “Millions of Recipients” across America & around the World, and may your Nevada Training Facilities become so busy with American Patriots, that you must expand rapidly to keep up with the demand for training.

At age 74, I am getting a bit too feeble to participate vigorously in your Nevada training arrangement, but some day soon I hope to at least visit your site.  Thanks-a-Million for keeping me on your e-mailing list as your daily gift of useful information is – is – Absolutely STUNNING!!!

I wish to thank you somehow for the wealth of free information you have sent me over the past three years.  I have the Very Best Wisconsin Honey that your tongue will ever taste right here at my small bee-keeping apiary named, “Pleasant Valley Honey Farm.”   If I can know a mailing address, I sincerely wish to Gift you with a generous sample of this very tasty, very health Honey at No Cost.   You have already over-paid me with your daily good counsel & advice…

You are a national patriot American 2nd Amendment hero to many thousands, please make that many “Millions” in the effort to maintain a free America.

Edward T. “Eddie” A.

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Ignatius Piazza
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