Front Sight Mail Bag: Feedback from Gun Training

January 12th, 2011  

Dr. Piazza,

I have found everyone who I talked to or interacted with during my participation in your Two Day Tactical Handgun Course to be exemplary in their professionalism, their skill level, experience, courtesy and  patience.  That goes for everyone I met there from the parking attendants and the people who checked us in, to the people in the store, the teachers, range master and assistants, even the people in the hotel we stayed at (Stardust).  I knew what to do, where to be and what to expect from the very beginning right through to last minute of the course.

Talking to one of your trainers was the same as talking to any of your trainers and support personnel.  They were knowledgeable, highly skilled and without exception, devoted to teaching us in a safe, practical and no nonsense manner.  I felt that I could ask them anything.  I felt that I could depend on them.

There was no BS or war stories.  If any of your staff related an incident it was fully focused on the participants learning the skills needed to become capable and proficient in using firearms and defending themselves and their loved ones.  It was all business, all the time.  Corrections were delivered quickly and with courtesy and respect.  Professional demeanor was maintained at all times without being stiff, formal or over military.  They were, to a man, relentless in their vigilance of range safety, and provided an impeccably faithful demonstration of what they were teaching.  Feet and mouth moving in the same direction at all times.

I also teach and write, and I can tell the difference between a presenter and a teacher.  Your people are teachers, through and through.  I felt that I was in good and capable hands throughout the total training experience.  The people who taught me were intelligent. practiced , highly skilled professionals who were interesting to listen to.

I learned more about shooting better, and more about my own firearm, and more about how to properly defend myself.  I grew in confidence as well as knowledge.  Your course was without a doubt one of the finest trainings of any kind that I have ever participated in whether it was as a participant or a teacher.  Smooth, even handed, very well informed and to the point.  I was never bored, not for an instant.  Your people could have been teaching washing machine repair and I would have been riveted because of their professionalism and the way they taught.  I tell my friends the same things I just told you about Front Sight and the experience I had there.  One of them has already registered for one of your upcoming classes.

My overall evaluation of your Institute?  Superb. Thank you. You are the leaders, the best in your field.  This sort of training does not happen by accident.  Your course was put forward with a Zen like presence and focus.  I will remember what I learned and the people who taught me until the day I die.

You have my permission to share anything I have said to you in this email with whomever you choose to.

I’m honored that you and your people are on my ride, and I hope your organization continues to grow and spread like a wildfire.

Kevin Smith
Professional Inspector
Houston, TX

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Ignatius Piazza
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