Front Sight Mail Bag: Changing Views on Gun Use

June 25th, 2011  

Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Last week, my wife and I completed the 4 day defensive hand gun class at Front Sight.  We want to congratulate you on such a well run, professional operation.  The instructors were stern but supportive, knowledgeable but not overbearing, quick to point out our mistakes but patient.

We grew up and spent most of our lives in the Chicago land area.  Our parents, with great help from the media, made sure we knew that anyone who owned a gun was either a criminal or a psychopath.  The sight of a gun, even in a policeman’s holster, gave us concern.  Never in our wildest dreams would we own or handle a firearm.

We retired and traveled in a motor home throughout the U.S. for a number of years and settled in Las Vegas.  In our travels we met many people from every walk of life who carried hand guns.  Friendly people, educated people, sophisticated people.  A few convinced us to go to a range and take target practice.  Even though we felt uncomfortable handling a gun we purchased one because we spent so much time in remote areas.

A couple we know took a Front Sight class and could not stop talking about how much they had improved their hand gun skills.  We decided to take the 4 day class. We went from being Unconsciously Incompetent to Consciously Incompetent focusing on becoming Consciously Competent.   My wife and I have committed to reading the practice guide and dry practicing every night.  We plan on taking more Front Sight classes.

Thank you for your dedication and vision to train and educate citizens in the proper use of weapons.  Also, we can’t express how much we appreciate your effort to maintain our constitutional rights.  We have been fighting that battle for years but now you have made us aware of one more piece of the puzzle that needs to be protected.

God bless you and we pray your dreams become reality.

Mark & Debbie

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Ignatius Piazza
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