Front Sight’s Monday Blog: Obama Needs to “Change”

September 23rd, 2013  

The headline in the newspaper today quoted our Liar in Chief as saying, “We’re going to have to change.”

Obama made his “change” statement to Navy Yard mourners. He says the US cannot accept mass shootings.

Well here is a shocker for Obama: WE don’t need to change anything!

It is Obama who needs to change!

It is Obama’s murderous support of Gun Free Zones which he knows do nothing but create Helpless Victim Zones that needs to change.

It is Obama’s murderous support of legislation to disarm responsible Americans when he knows every scholarly study demonstrates gun control does not reduce violent crime (it increases it) that needs to change.

It is Obama’s blatant, self-serving use of mass shootings as a platform to further disarm Americans when he know that more gun control WILL NOT lead to a drop in these mass shootings, that needs to change.

Obama is a liar.

To get elected, Obama told Americans he would not go after their guns. The Republicans and Libertarians read right through Obama’s socialist, anti-gun, anti-American agenda and tried to stop him from being elected, but enough gun owning Democrats were fooled by Obama’s outright lies and false promises.

Now all responsible gun owners are being targeted for the actions of a few, psych drug induced murderers and our Liar in Chief is using yet another Gun Fee Zone failure as a reason to reactivate his socialist agenda to disarm Americans and further weaken our country.

It is now time for Republicans, Libertarians, and gun owning Democrats to UNITE under a common cause to CHANGE Obama.

If Obama really wants to stop mass shootings, here is the REAL “change” that needs to occur…

  1. Outlaw Gun Free Zones. Stop creating Helpless Victim Zones by disarming people in public places. Such policies only encourage attack because the perpetrators know there will be no armed resistance.
  2. Pass National Concealed Carry and encourage responsible citizens, law enforcement, and military personnel to carry a concealed weapon with them at all times and to train regularly to use their concealed weapon to defend themselves and others around them.
  3. Immediately stop tax payer support of the psychiatric industry and their allies in the pharmaceutical industry who have falsely advertised their way into hooking 1 out of 5 Americans on psychiatric drugs, many of them children. Psychiatry and the drugs they push are the common denominator responsible for the epidemic rise in military suicides, teen suicides, depression and violence we are seeing in America today. EVERY toxicology report of every mass shooter, including the most recent Navy yard shooter reveal psych drugs as the culprit. Psychiatry does not work! Psych drugs pose much greater risk than benefit! Because psychiatry causes more harm than good, it NEEDS government funding in the form of Medicare and Medicaid to keeps it alive. Remove all tax payer supported, government funding of psychiatry with the drugs they push and you will see psychiatry quickly experience a well-deserved death.

With these three steps, taken aggressively and immediately, America will become stronger and healthier.

Of course, Obama knows all this.

Yet Obama continues to promote the creation of more Gun Free Zones, more legislation to disarm responsible Americans, and more tax payer support of the psychiatric industry.

This makes Obama worse than a liar. Much worse! All the families of those murdered deserve better. America deserves better.

It is time for Obama to change and start telling the truth about everything.

Here are people who are telling the truth…

What can you do to help yourself and help America?

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Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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