I’ve arranged for the best defensive trainer in the world to give you his most popular book at no charge. Grabs yours today…

June 17th, 2019  

Several years ago, I did something I RARELY ever do.

I personally endorsed a rival trainer, someone who offers training that we offer at Front Sight as well.

And today I’m not only giving him my personal endorsement… again… I’m about to explain why I believe with all my heart you MUST take advantage of his competing product.

Let me explain: Front Sight Firearms Training has proven itself year-after-year as the finest firearms training in the world. Period.

Yet each day you and I face ever-present “gun-free” zones and worse, the fact that violence often randomly erupts only inches away – so close it’s often impossible to deploy a firearm.

That’s why Front Sight offers our own, Empty Hand Defense and Edged Weapon courses.

While these are outstanding courses, many folks (possible you) simply haven’t had time to take them with all the firearms courses we offer.

Perhaps more important: My goal is to always offer you “world-leading, best-of-its-kind” instruction.

And that’s why I originally endorsed this rival trainer.

His name is Tim Larkin… and like Front Sight is the LEADER in firearms training, Tim Larkin teaches the finest empty-hand self-defense system through his company, Target Focus Training (or TFT).


Five years ago, as my daughter prepared for college, it was Tim Larkin I asked to personally train her (AND me) in his system of self-defense.

A few months ago, when I created the most prestigious, most exclusive, most valuable, Best of the Best, Order of the Knights of Front Sight Membership upgrade, which we are selling for $20,000 each, I secured Tim Larkin to personally instruct my Knights of Front Sight.

Now I realize you are not a member of my immediate family heading off to college. And I realize you may not have $20,000 to upgrade your membership into the Order of the Knights of Front Sight to personally experience Tim’s training. But I STILL WANT YOU TO BENEFIT FROM TIM LARKIN’S TARGET FOCUS TRAINING.

So after some discussion and persuasion, I talked Tim into GIVING YOU, absolutely free of charge and with no hidden obligations, surprises or catches, his most popular and important book entitled, HOW TO SURVIVE THE MOST CRITICAL 5 SECONDS OF YOUR LIFE!

What Is “How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life”?

It is not just another fighting book on bad “self-defense” moves…

It is NOT about memorizing fight moves.

But the information inside will arm you with more self-protection than bowing to a sensei ever could…

It is NOT about being the biggest and strongest.

Yet even just ONE of the lessons inside will cripple those
3 times bigger than you…

How To Survive The 5 Most Critical Seconds of Your Life is a SHIELD

Guaranteed to show you how to be the one who walks away From life-or-death violence… ALIVE.

It REALLY is a book that YOU should have, so I arranged for Tim Larkin to GIVE it to you absolutely FREE of CHARGE and with no hidden obligations, catches or surprises.

Get it today before the number of books Tim graciously agreed to give away free of charge are taken.

I’m sending this to ALL members and students. Several hundred thousand people are reading this right now, so secure a copy for yourself NOW, before the number of books Tim graciously agreed to give away free of charge are all taken.

Go here to secure YOUR Free Copy of How To Survive the 5 Most Critical Seconds of Your Life!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
#1 Front Sight Road
Pahrump, NV 89061

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