TrumpsArmy.US will NOT be needed. All Patriots STAY HOME, OFF THE STREETS, and OUT OF THE WAY of what is going down…

January 18th, 2021  

I have heard from several sources today that TrumpsArmy.US will NOT be needed.

I have also been told to tell all patriots to STAY HOME, OFF THE STREETS, and OUT OF THE WAY of what is going down.

That begs the question, “What is going down?”

  1. MORE military build-up of Washington DC with more troops, more equipment, more ammunition, Stryker vehicles, fighter squadrons, lock down of bridges and streets throughout DC etc. NO, this is not for fear of Trump supporters rioting in the Capitol.
  2. President Trump just appointed loyalist Michael Ellis as his National Security Agency General Counsel causing Nancy Pelosi to demand former Green Beret, former Director of Counterterrorism Center, and now acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller to halt the appointment. Tough luck Nancy. Does this appointment sound like the move of a President who is not planning to fight for the Republic in his last two days before a Joe Biden Inauguration?
  3. Director of the Department of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe released report today stating that China interfered with the 2020 Presidential Election and CIA Management pressured analysts not to report it. THIS DNI REPORT is what was required for Presidential Executive Action
  4. Armed protestors, NOT TRUMP PATRIOTS, are arriving at State Capitols around the nation for false flag operations. These are NOT Trump supporters because President Trump and every one of his support groups, including TrumpsArmy.US have placed the order to STAY HOME.
  5. President Trump has ordered his family and friends to all leave the White House ahead of what is going down.
  6. China released a biological weapon on the US with COVID-19, committed a cyber-attack on the US with their interference in the 2020 Presidential Election, and released an espionage attack on the US with the infiltration of thousands of Chinese spies into every level of corporate America and the US Government. China has established ports and influence in the Caribbean. WE ARE IN A COLD WAR WITH CHINA THAT IS HEATING UP RAPIDLY AND MAY COME TO A BOIL IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS!
  7. President Trump has been warned by friends and advisors to ACT NOW or go down in history as the President who handed America over to Communist China.

Here are some supporting articles that I have not shared with you in previous blog posts…


Pelosi demands acting Pentagon chief halt his order to NSA to install Trump loyalist as general counsel

By Devan Cole, CNN 6 hrs ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is demanding acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller “immediately cease” his plans to install a Trump loyalist as the National Security Agency’s general counsel, calling the move “highly suspect” and arguing it represents a “disturbing disregard” for the country’s national security.

“I ask that you immediately cease plans to improperly install Michael Ellis as the new NSA General Counsel,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to Miller on Sunday. The California Democrat also said she was calling for an probe “into the circumstances of the NSA General Counsel selection process” by the department’s acting inspector general.

“The circumstances and timing — immediately after President (Donald) Trump’s defeat in the election — of the selection of Mr. Ellis, and this eleventh-hour effort to push this placement in the last three days of this Administration are highly suspect,” the letter read.

Click here to Read Full Article…


BREAKING: DNI Ratcliffe Releases Report Showing China Interfered with the 2020 Election and CIA Management Pressured Analysts Not to Report It

By Joe Hoft
Published January 17, 2021 at 7:15pm

China interfered with the 2020 election based on a report by DNI Ratcliff.

Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe issued a report stating China interfered in the 2020 election while CIA management pressured lower level analysts to discount this assessment.

The EPOCH Times reported today:

Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe assessed that China interfered in the 2020 federal elections, according to a letter transmitted to Congress.

In the letter, Ratcliffe alleges that intelligence about China’s election interference was suppressed by management at the CIA, which pressured analysts to withdraw their support for the view.

Citing a report by the Intelligence Community Analytic Ombudsman Barry Zulauf, the director of national intelligence said some analysts were reluctant to describe China’s actions as election interference because they disagreed with the policies of President Donald Trump.

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Armed Protesters Begin To Arrive At State Capitols Around The Nation

By Zero Hedge -Monday, January 18, 2021

Less than a week after President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 8 promised to “defeat” the National Rifle Association while he’s in office, the organization said in a statement tonight that it has filed bankruptcy petitions in U.S. court as part of a restructuring plan.

The NRA says the plan can be summed up quite simply: We are DUMPING New York, and we are pursuing plans to reincorporate the NRA in Texas.

The NRA’s lobbying arm recently published an article that says Biden would “begin a concerted attack on the rights of American gun owners” after being inaugurated.

“We must be ready for the onslaught,” the post reads, adding that a Biden administration, if officials get their way, “will ban and confiscate the most-commonly-owned rifle in the United States” and “will arbitrarily limit the number of guns that can be bought per month,” among other measures.

Click here to Read Full Article…

BREAKING NEWS: Trump warned — act now or go down in history as the president who handed America over to communist China

JANUARY 18, 2021

Communist China is now hours away from installing its “puppet regime” in the White House with the help of its U.S. domestic allies, presenting a grave national-security threat that must be dealt with, says a team of former high-ranking military officers and journalists who have relayed data to President Trump that they say proves China was involved in the fraudulent election of Nov. 3, 2020.

In an interview Sunday night, Jan. 17, with broadcaster Brannon Howse, businessman Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of Minnesota-based My Pillow, explained how he was able to get a meeting with President Trump last Friday and deliver crucial mathematical and analytical data from the team showing how the election was stolen and by whom.

“The data analysis that we have published and that Mike Lindell bravely brought to the president shows both the sources of the election hack on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 as well as the target destinations,” said Alan Jones, who along with Mary Fanning operates The American Report that uncovered the sources of the election fraud. They published this information on their website,, which has been attacked and shut down by unidentified outside forces.

The details included in their report include the IP addresses and the owner of the IP addresses which hacked into the Nov. 3 election, complete with time-stamps showing exactly when and where these cyber criminals invaded the U.S. election system.

“So, for example, Huawei, the Chinese telecom company, and China, Hong Kong, they were hacking into election offices in the battleground states, primarily county election offices, so Huawei, the China telecom company were hacking into election offices in Pennsylvania and in Michigan,” Jones said. “These were IP addresses owned by county election offices. Also, China Unicom hacked into the Pennsylvania secretary of state’s office, according to this data analysis.”

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Chinese Military Bases in The Caribbean?

by Lawrence A. Franklin
December 10, 2020 at 5:00 am

China’s Communist Party (CCP) seems to be implementing a multidimensional strategy in the Caribbean, reaping economic, political and potentially military gains a few miles offshore the United States. China’s ultimate objective of its Caribbean strategy may well be to confront the US, not only with its presence near the mainland US, but also with a situation analogous to America’s military presence in the region of the South China Sea. There, China created new islands in the sea, pledged not to militarize them, then went and militarized them.

Click here to Read Full Article…

I leave you with a poem that hung on the wall of my office ever since I started Front Sight. It was lost in the fire that consumed my home in October of 2017, along with so many never-to-be-replaced mementos and photographs of a life well lived.

I’m sure you are familiar with the poem. Today, it seems it was written for President Donald Trump…


If you have not done so, get trained NOW!


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