Did you hear, read or see this on the Lamestream News? I did not. The double standard that exists today is unbelievable…

February 28th, 2021  

I’ll bet you did not see this on your local evening news.

I’ll be you did not see this in your local newspaper.

I’ll bet you did not hear about this on your local radio station.

I’ll bet you did not see this on your cell phone news feed.

I’ll bet you did not even see this on your local Internet News source.

I’ll bet I am the first person to bring it to your attention.

I’ll bet you are as flabbergasted as I am at the blatant double standard in reporting stories like this. Had it been a white teen committing this crime on a black community, it would be front page news and national news headline story for weeks. The news media in this country has fallen so far it cannot be called news reporting anymore. The Lamestream, Left Wing Media is nothing more than the political arm of the Corruptocrats…


Black Teen Travels to White Suburb to Commit Mass Shooting, Mainstream Media Remains Silent

Was this racially motivated?

Published 6 days ago on Feb 22, 2021
By Jordan Epperson

Front Sight Video

Tragedy strikes again.

On Saturday evening at roughly 6:45 PM, Jamel Barnwell, a 17 year old black male from West Philadelphia, shot up a bowling alley in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. One man was killed and four other people were injured during the attack. While the shooter is still on the run and the motive remains unknown, what is known is that Jamel Barnwell travelled from inner-city West Philly to the overwhelmingly white suburb of East Norton in order to perpetrate a random mass shooting at the town’s local popular hangout, Our Town Alley.

ABC 6 reported that 15 shots in total were fired. Children reportedly hid in mechanical closets to avoid gunfire and several parents broke windows in order to help their kids escape. The victim killed in the shooting has been identified as 29 year old Frank Wade. Prior to shots being fired, Barnwell reportedly entered the family bowling alley with two other men before an altercation ensued with Wade. Barnwell then shot Wade and began firing shots into the crowd of an estimated 50-75 bowlers.

After the shooting, Jamel Barnwell is said to have fled the scene of the crime with both of the men he entered with. The men accidentally left behind all three of their cellphones at the scene, one of which belonged to Barnwell and was used to help identify him.

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As political satire, (DEFINITION: Political satire is satire that specializes in gaining entertainment from politics; it has also been used with subversive intent where political speech and dissent are forbidden by a regime, as a method of advancing political arguments where such arguments are expressly forbidden.) I give you a newspaper opinion piece entitled, Twelve reasons why I voted Democratic…

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I predicted the Imposter-in-Chief, China Joe Biden, would not last a month after inauguration due to his cognitive decline. The Corruptocrats knew this was the case, but the Left Wing Media and Social Media Censors would not let any information surface regarding Bumbling Joe during the election cycle.

The fix was in and Commie Harris as President was the Corruptocrats plan all along.

Well Dementia Joe lasted longer than I expected, but not much longer.

The Democrats are moving him out. See this article…


NOT MENTALLY FIT: Three Dozen House Democrats Demand Biden Relinquish Control of Nuclear Codes

Biden is a propped up puppet.

Published 2 days ago on Feb 24, 2021
By Shane Trejo

President-imposed Joe Biden is already being undermined by Democrats who want him out of the picture and replaced with an individual who does not have severe cognitive impairments.

Three dozen House Democrats have signed a letter urging for the nuclear codes to be removed from Biden as they attempt to neuter the illegitimate Commander-in-Chief before his dementia leads to a potential disaster.

In their letter, the disingenuous Democrats framed it as if Trump, who pulled troops out of many different countries, was the reason they were taking this order even though he was just ousted from office.

“Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” states the letter, which was led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-CA). “Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment.”

“While any president would presumably consult with advisors before ordering a nuclear attack, there is no requirement to do so,” the letter continues. “The military is obligated to carry out the order if they assess it is legal under the laws of war. Under the current posture of U.S. nuclear forces, that attack would happen in minutes.”

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SLEEPY? Biden Yet to Deliver First State of the Union Amid Confused Public Appearances

Are they keeping him out of view?

Published 1 day ago on Feb 25, 2021
By Richard Moo

Joe Biden is yet to give his first State of the Union address as President, disregarding precedent and conventional timing for the presidential address.

Presidents usually deliver the speech to Congress in February. President Donald Trump gave the latest first State of the Union address delivered by a President since 1977 when Jimmy Carter declined to give a SOTU address, with Trump speaking on February 28th, 2017.

Nothing on President Biden’s public calendar advertises a State of the Union speech. It’s likely that a speech, if it even occurs at all, would occur in March, but it’s unclear if Biden even intends to give one.

The snub of the extended public speech comes as recurring questions regarding Biden’s mental acuity and sharpness reemerge. With Biden generally appearing sharp and fluid in an extremely limited schedule of public speaking appearances as a candidate, some of his recent speeches have featured the President stumbling over his words and appearing to struggle cognitively with his delivery.

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And watch this video…

And for all you “Pro Gun Democrats” who voted for China Joe Biden and Commie Harris, LOOK WHAT YOU DID! TIME FOR YOU TO GET OFF MY LIST AND DON’T EVER STEP FOOT ON FRONT SIGHT PROPERTY AGAIN…

With federal gun control legislation already being submitted in the new, Corruptocrat controlled Congress, what can you, as a Pro Gun, American Patriot do to support all patriots in the upcoming fight against the Socialists in Office?

  1. If you live in a socialist state, MOVE to a Red State. Do not continue to support socialist policies by paying income tax, fuel tax, property tax, sales tax, and all the supplemental taxes to state governments who use that money to screw you and patriots like you. I am moving out of CA immediately and setting up residence in Texas. As you know I already have Front Sight in RED Nye County, Nevada.
  2. With the NRA filing for bankruptcy a month ago, I doubt they will be leading the way in filing litigation against all the federal anti-gun legislation we will begin seeing immediately, but you can count on my good friend, Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation to litigate against the onslaught of federal anti-gun legislation coming our way. Litigation takes MONEY, so support Alan and his efforts at https://www.saf.org/
  3. GET EXPERTLY TRAINED in handgun, shotgun, rifle and submachine gun. Once I train you, the government can never take away the Comfort of Skill at Arms I have instilled in you. They may try to take or tax your semi autos away from you, but once I train you, Any Gun Will Do Because YOU Will Do! You will have expertise and training that translates to ANY gun, whether it be a full-auto, semi-auto, revolver, pump action, bolt action, lever action, or single shot.
  4. FORWARD this email to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. As patriots we need to be aligned and trained for what is ahead. Get Trained NOW by taking advantage of my gift to all Patriots, a FREE, Four Day Defensive Handgun Course with no surprises, catches or obligations…

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We will ALL get through this. It won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty, but aligned in patriotic ideals, and willing to support those individuals and organizations who are leading the fight, we will make it through until another plan becomes evident to everybody…

If you have not done so, get trained NOW! www.FrontSight.com/FreeHandgunCourse


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